Beauty Parlour Updates!

It seems as though from today, new accounts will now have to level up to unlock certain features. 
We already had level hair, but now this includes eyes, eyebrows, lips & noses.

You may have noticed that the levels have also disappeared from items in Beauty Parlour.
They are still level items but once you've exceeded the level, it no longer shows as a level item for you. 

A Superstar hair has also been made available to everyone.
If they've already made one SS hair available for everyone, maybe new SS hairs will become available soon too?

There are also some new features being used to show what you will unlock on each level.
I'm not sure if they're going to introduce new features for all users soon or if they are just being used to show what feature you will unlock.

What do you think is happening?
Do you like this update?


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