"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #153

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly recap of events and releases that happened on Stardoll. Without further intro, the recap starts now.

On Monday, we got new Splendid collection.

The collection is rather small, and it consists of a variety of unusual headpieces. The lips look cute, but would look even better without 'xoxo' on them. Headbands are rather cute too, and I love the item that resembles eye make up. I wish Stardoll opened a special place in our beauty parlor for instant make up. (Speaking of, a separate place for our tats and piercings would be nice too.)

On Wednesday, new Callie's Picks - "We Are the Mods"

It was inspired by 60's, at least that's what Callie says, I am not a fashion expert. The collection is really great, they re-released several pieces I wanted to buy for a while, and some other nice items. Prices are higher than before, but I don't think people should complain. For example, if they released starcoin item and made it in stardollars, you'd still have higher chance of getting that item than asking to buy it from someone in starcoins. And if you paid much for item that got re-released for significantly lower price, you shouldn't be so upset - you know of CP and the chance items may get re-released someday.

On Thursday, Stardoll launched a '400 million members' campaign.

Since Stardoll did not yet pass a '400 million' mark, there just announced the free gifts we'd get upon reaching it. We also got a nice window with few pieces of clothing, both for male and female dolls. And a 25% extra stardolars on any purchase, an offer which ends, well, today. So you'd better hurry. And yeah, a quiz about Stardoll history, with a cute pillow you'd get if you answered them all correctly. They weren't so hard, especially for member who've been there for a while. *Raises hand.* Sure, we could have gotten better, but it is still better than nothing, enjoy your free gifts, well once they arrive at least.

And on Friday, we got a new Antidote collection.

The collection consists mostly of clothes in black and olive tones, with a lot of leather, there are many platforms, etc. Even collection seems not so appealing to me, it appears it sold out quite fast. I am not sure as I was away at the time it got released, but aside for few items, I did not miss much. What is new is users could buy multiple pieces of a same item, and no, it wasn't a glitch. I guess that is ok, as usually limited items take time to sell, and some don't even get sold out when the store closes. I am not sure if this is gonna become a trend, as I wouldn't be happy, for example, if I wanted to buy something I like, but I arrive a bit too late and it is sold out to members who'd want to make money by reselling them later. No, I don't have a problem with re-sellers, I am one too, but at least limit it to 2-3 pieces per item.

Anyway, it was an ok week. I am looking forward for tomorrow's release, and until then, vote on the poll, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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