"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #151

Hello everyone!!

Before I start my weekly recap, I wanted to share some good news regarding my Stardoll life. Anyway, after sending of dozen of applications and quality articles, I was accepted as official Star blogger on Stardoll! I am really happy for that, so from now on, I will be posting on Stardoll as well, under my Stardoll username VampireLady33. I plan on keeping posting here as well. Anyway, let's see what other good things happened last week.

On Monday, we got new collection in DIY interior store.

This time, we got (parts of) doors, windows, stairs, some backgrounds - a lot of nice items which can be combined in so many ways. DIY is a great store for people who want to go further with decorating their suite and expressing their creativity in an unique way, instead of using pre-made room backgrounds.

On Wednesday, we got new Callie's Picks collection, named 'Casual Favourites'

The collections consists of clothes that give the impression our dolls are dressed comfortably. It somehow makes sense, after dressing up for holidays, it is time to enjoy your vacation, or free time, wearing comfortable clothes and staying home, as in some places, like here, it is quite cold. I hate winter btw. Of course, it has some rares, like bandana, ELLE blue top, festival purse, HotBuys headphones, and probably a few other rare items I am not aware of. Surprisingly, there is one starcoin item available for Royalty members only - aren't sc items supposed to be available for anyone? They re-released one Tress Up hairstyle as well. Overall, nice collection, but not for everyone's taste.

On Tuesday, we had a 40% off sale in Après-Ski, followed by new collection in the store on Friday.

Outfits here are nice and cozy, but I gotta admit, they look slightly better than CP. I love sweaters, and this collection doesn't lack of them. Followed by are leggings and jeans, and there is a fair amount of various accessories. In conclusion, this is really great collection and I plan on buying some stuff later.

And on Saturday, we got new collection in DOT make up store.

The collection consists of usual - blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, eyepencils, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, and of course, lipsticks and lip pencils. Color scheme for this collection is a shades of red, from bright red to burgundy. I think (and I am sure many will agree) the red is classic color and it can be worn on many occasions, formal especially. I really love the collection, But I think I have many similar colored make up, as I've been a member for a really long time. Sure, though, I do plan on buying some stuff, especially for daily tasks. Speaking of..

I am going add an update that happened to daily assignments. Surprisingly, no one mentioned it here on USD. Anyway, instead of tasks constantly refreshing, now we have only 1 set of tasks per day. And that is ok. I guess Stardoll was testing them before making them permanent feature and really 'daily' tasks. The other way, you could earn much starcoins and starpoints, and me, even I am over 110th level, was able to level up several times during that short period. Dedicated members could stay whole day doing tasks over and over again and leveling up. Not anymore.

That's it. I hope you liked last week, so as usual, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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