"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #150

Hello everyone!!

Yeah, I know today's post is a bit early, but my grandma is coming to visit in few hours and will be staying for the night, so I figured I'd do a post and spend some time with her later.
Anyway, this week on Stardoll was a bit slow, maybe because some of the Stardoll staff are on vacation, although, unfortunately holidays are over. It is time to get back to our regular lives. And Stardoll, of course. Missed something? Check out my recap to see what, or just to see what the week looked like overall.

It started on Monday, with the new release in Fallen Angel store.

Clothes are typical for this kind of store, with lots of backs and some reds pattern and textures are perfect for people who prefer Goth style, but also for us 'regular' users who occasionally wanna step into a 'dark side (of the Force)'. Anyway, if you asked me about the collection back then when I joined Stardoll, I'd say it is the best ever. But even it's been a while since I dropped that style, I still sometimes want to dress my doll in some alternative styles. How about you?

On Wednesday, we got new Young Hollywood collection in Royalty store.

Let me explain. When we say the spoilers, we were all almost certain it will be new YH collection, judging by the quality of clothes and the thing they were worn by celebs on some red carpet events and other situations. Instead, they got released in non-limited (well, technically, Royalty store is limited store - it is limited as in available for Royalty members only) Royalty store. Now I am not complaining. I love some of the items, and I am super happy I didn't have to pay crazy prices YH sells for. I've been planing on renewing my Royalty membership for a while anyway, so I will definitely take a look at the store then. I am just waiting for some update or an offer. Anyway, collection is ok, with some really gorgeous pieces, and some not-so-gorgeous (clothes-I'd-never-wear) too.

And on Friday, we got new LE decor collection.

Well, technically, it wasn't all decor. There were some clothes and accessories as well. I really loved the 2 black gowns and the Dior bag (I collect those). Still it didn't make me grab my phone and renew membership, for only few pieces. I'll wait for them to go on sale.
The interior items were really gorgeous, unique and really interesting. I am loving the perfumes, chairs, boxes - well almost everything. If only I had a talent and a patience for room designing.

Few other things that happened:
- Gift-o-Meter finally disappeared. Hope you all got all items you wanted, I surely did.
- Bailmain Tribute is leaving the plaza. I am still considering buying some items, but I better hurry.

And that's all. Wait, did you see the counter? I have reached my 150th post on this column. I still can't believe I've been writing here for almost 3 years, each week, never missed a single post, no matter how life was or how lazy I was. I still remember when I got message that my appplication and column was accepted, but now it seems hundred years ago. Anyway, I wanna thank you all for the support, for commenting and voting on my posts, I thank each one who said they liked my writing style. Thank you, as I have never written for such large audience before. Thank you, and I love you.

On the other hand, I hope all had a nice week, so, as usual, vote, comment and see you next week.

~ Venus
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