Hi everyone!!
Here are the spoilers for tomorrow's release: Saint Laurent Tribute

Do you like them?

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to Missiwantitall and AbrilM22

Real Life versions 
(special thanks to Lula.Osorio, AbrilM22, Missiwantitall, Jope Stardolljessik11, maria-0077, Em, BFF5698rawrgoregous)

Saint Laurent Spring 2016 RTW

Saint Laurent Fall 2015 RTW

Saint Laurent Fall 2015 menswear

Saint Laurent Fall 2014 RTW

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 RTW

Saint Laurent Resort 2014

Saint Laurent Spring 2013 RTW

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2012

Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Belt in black Leather and antique gold-toned metal

Classic Large Collège Monogram Saint Laurent Bag in Black Matelassé Leather

Classic Janis 105 Fringed Ankle Boot In Black Leather

Saint Laurent Paris store

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