New Daily Challenges

There are some new Daily Challenges on Stardoll

You can read about them on Stardollblog HERE:

You will see the daily challenges on the top bar next to the Academy one

Clicking on the icon, it will open the tasks you need to complete

The screenshots are from a Royalty account, and if we complete all the tasks, we will receive 19 starpoints instead of the 18 we would be able to receive until yesterday and 56 starcoins instead of the 90 we were able to receive until yesterday too.

This is one other royalty account where the task are a little different, so I am able to get 20 starpoints and 60 starcoins

These are the tasks on a non SS account which allows us to receive 46 starcoins instead of the 60 that were before but 16 starpoints instead of 14 that we could get before.

Another non SS account tasks where it is possible to get 50 starcoins and 17 starpoints 

So, based on what I could see on my accounts, the tasks are random and it will depend on which ones you got to receive more or less starpoints and starcoins. 

Do you like the new way to leveled your account?

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to ThePrettyGirlfriend94, Notnoworlater, rozha29, JOE412 and Natalia 

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