"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #148

Hello everyone!!

This is me, writing my column for the last time this year. Are you ready to celebrate New Year? Remember the good things, and leave all bad ones in past. Make some New Year resolutions, etc. But before that, check out my weekly recap.

This Monday was a really busy one. It started with another Tribute store release, this time, we got the iconic Chanel.

The items are classic Chanel - from textures, colors and shapes. Items are classy, sophisticated, a great deal for a true fashionista and people who love to wear these types of clothes. We even got 2 pals, surprisingly available for everyone, though a bit pricey. Chanel seems to be very popular amongst Stardoll users, and it is no wonder they release new collection almost each Tribute season. We even got many Chanel inspired pieces in this year's HHB calendar. Personally, I am not really a fan of collection, or Chanel overall, but the way I see, many of you are.

The same day we got a new gift-o-meter.

I am glad we finally got one. And I do really like this one. For 200 stardollars, you can receive many gorgeous gifts. Some check points even give you 2 gifts instead of one. We have until January the 4th next year to fill it, which won't be hard, because of all the tribute stores. The only downside is there is not a starcoin meter, but this is still fair enough.

And finally, we got an offer from Stardoll.

For any Stardollar or Superstar Package bought, you'd get this lovely snowman. It is adorable, and I love the idea it is upside down, kinda unusual. But only worth for people who decorate their suites, for holidays or as usual. Me - I just put a tree in a room, not a fan of decorating much. Needless to say, it did not influence me to make a purchase. Still, I think it is nice of Stardoll to give members an incentive to make purchase. (The offer isn't valid anymore, just fyi.)

On Wednesday, we got new collection in interior store Pop Shop

You don't need to look twice to guess what this collection is themed - it is for celebrating New 2016th Year! We got balloons, confetti, some drinks and snacks - perfect way to decorate your room for upcoming holiday. again, only if you are ready to pay for stuff that will take up space in your storage after holidays are over. Still, it is a nice idea to add a bit of festive touch to your ordinary room - maybe few balloons, sparkles, etc.

And on Friday, we got another 2 releases, 1st one being new Tress Up Holiday collection.

Wigs look really fantastic. We got so many shapes and lengths of hairstyles, most of them inspired by actual hairstyles worn by celebrities. Even I love the idea for wigs, I am really disappointed none of them looks good on my doll. Believe me, I've tried them all on, but they just seem off. Except maybe few, as I bought one. And I am not ready to change my signature facial features in order to make them wearable. I guess I am sticking with my older Tress Up and Stardesigned hairstyles. I am glad, though, that you liked them and worked around making your dolls look really great wearing them.

And the same day we got new Doree collection.

The 'collection' is pretty small, and consists mostly of natural tones, but slightly different. On the first look, they seemed like the ones we already had as starter hair colors, but if you look better, you'd see they look really good. They may make new Tress Up wigs look wearable after all, I'll give it a try for sure.

And that's all. Before I sign off, I want to wish you to spend your New Year's eve nicely, whether with friends or family, club or home, wherever you feel the most comfortable. All the best, and see you next year!

~ Venus
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