Changes to Academy

Besides the new daily challenges, Stardoll has also updated the Academy layout. 

If you haven't started Academy yet, the acceptance letter is now under the Academy tab rather than in mail. 
There is a countdown timer to notify you how long you have to wait before you're able to enroll in the Academy. 

You will now be able to see the rewards you will receive for completing Academy tasks. 
The tasks are now under 'Challenges'. Once you have completed a task, you will receive a notification on the Academy button rather than the 'Task Completed' pop-up as before. 

You'll be able to view your yearbook under 'Projects' & 'Students' is where you'll find your academy friends. 
The number in the top right corner indicates how many hearts your yearbook has in total. 

You are also able to see how many hearts someone else's yearbook has & the format has changed there too.  

What do you think of this change? Do you like it?


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