Balmain Tribute spoilers

Hello dollies, sorry for the late post!

Tomorrow we will have a Balmain Tribute as we can see in the spoilers.

and here are the real life versions of them

Balmain x H&M Collaboration Collection

apparently the red dress on the spoilers is inspired by these items put together

Balmain Spring 2016 RTW
Gigi Hadid at the Vogue Event wearing an exclusive outfit from the Balmain Spring Season 16 collection

Balmain Fall 2015 RTW
apparently Stardoll mixed these pieces to make the long dress:

Balmain Pre Fall 2015

Balmain Spring 2013 RTW

Balmain Fall 2012 RTW
These pants from Fall 2012 - note that Stardoll is making a male version of them

Balmain Fall 2009 RTW

Balmain Spring 2009 RTW

Do you like them?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

special thanks to Missiwantitall, JOE412Jope stardoll.Cátia CarvalhopepsijewAninha-1993, AbrilM22, Lady-Bond, Jessica, Lula.Osorio

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