"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #142

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to another weekly recap about your favorite online game. I say it was kinda interesting week, but read my recap in case you missed anything and/or agree/disagree with me.

We had 2 new floors of Nelly.com real brand store, on Monday and Friday respectively.

First floor consisted mostly of nude and earth tones, with few items that 'pop'. There are only 3 pairs of shoes, but they are really nice ones. And I am a real fun of turtlenecks, which this collection did not lack of. Coats are nice as well.  Pretty nice collection and wearable items.

This collection is, however, much darker, with many black items, and some bold colors. Not that isn't as fabulous as the 1st one. These items are quite wearable as well, and really appealing, especially black long boots. (I really love boots.) Overall, as I said many times, Nelly.com is far the best non limited real brand store on Stardoll, as it is perfect for young adults, who are a significant part of the Stardoll community.

The same day, Stardoll introduced a new designing tool in Star Design Hair studio - gradients.

This is, in my opinion, really great option. It is so much easier making so popular ombre hairstyles, experimenting with colors, shades. There are so many possibilities for all those talented designers all over Stardoll, and I am looking forward to buying some hairstyles designed using this tool. Unfortunately, it came with a glitch that messed up all other stardesigned hairstyles, but Stardoll is working on fixing that, as they say on their Help page.

On Wednesday, Stardoll released new Epiphany collection.

Items are quite unusual, not for your everyday look, but rather for some extravagant looks, add a final touch to your new elegant look, or something unusual. Still, I am loving the idea of the 'semi closed eyes' eyeshadow, and I love Stardoll keeps releasing these. (If only they added a separate section for our fake eyeshadows. Speaking of, a separate section for tattoos and piercings wouldn't hurt.) Anyway, aside from the mentioned items, I am not a fan of the overall collection. It is just too much for me, and I am not a huge fan of gold either.

The same day, a bit later, Stardoll released a new limited collection of Young Hollywood store, this time inspired by the most recent Victoria's Secret show.

Items are quite nice, unusual as well, and that's what I liked about them. After all, it is nice to spice up your closet with something extravagant, instead of 'ordinary' outfits. Seems like many disagree with me, as aside from one item, the collection hasn't still sold out. I was honestly hoping for some wings, but I guess this is ok too.

Yeah, that's it for the week. Surprisingly, we still have no idea what is coming tomorrow, as Stardoll haven't released spoilers. I am hoping for something ordinary, as I won't be home for the most of the day. Thank you for reading, leave a comment, vote, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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