Stardoll Access app update

The app "Stardoll Access" has a new update and the look of the app is completely different. Some of he things we were able to do on the app such as answer our GB entries and mobile catwalk are not possible anymore, as well as our last purchases are not visible too.

 When you log in on this app you will receive 10 stardollars, some users are receiving gifts as well, but I didn't receive them!

To get the update you need to update it on the app store.

Here is the screen shot of the store pals that appears as News (where you see "Novidades" it means "news" and where is written "comprar tudo" means "buy everything")

For those wondering, this was the appearance and the things we were able to do before the update, so as you can see the mobile catwalk, the top trends, guestbook, photos are not available anymore (pictures are the ones on the mobile games page - Stardoll Access

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to Shru and CyberEmpress

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