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Good morning dollies!!

As you know, since yesterday, Royalty dolls have the new update on our suites's wardrobe / closet / storage

We already had seen the previous post talking about them, but I will repost it again to try help everyone with problems

Well, since yesterday Support staff is receiving lots of questions about "missing" items, so they made a new post on Stardoll blog trying to help finding the items in our new wardrobe/ storage:

Of course, as everything new, we will need to learn how to use it and get used to it, but in my opinion it is a good update. 

I still have some doubts as for example, where we can find the interior rooms, I think we could have more brands into the search by brand, but in general the update is a good update in my opinion, as we can search through our things in an easy way, but like I said, with everything that is new, we need to get used to it.

I would like that you guys comment in this post ONLY  about your doubts and if you find the answer to someone's doubt about the Suite's update. This way it will be easier to everyone discover some solution, and also it would be a great way to Stardoll staff discover what we are having problem with, ok?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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