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Guys, I know many of you are angry with me, and think I am annoying. I am sad you think that, as I am only doing what was asked for me to do here in the blog by the owner.

The last few days, many of you are posting a lot of Off topic comments and it is really hard to find comments that may be giving an important new, spoilers, etc etc, so I ask you to don't advertise in other posts, please. 

I will make a post called MSW15 ads every day and then you can advertise there! But please 1 time only per day, otherwise we will delete it and ban you if you insist, ok?

Please don't answer the post saying you vote, upvote the comment and it means you voted for that person, ok?

Hope you understand that it is really difficult for me to doing this, you can be sure that the last thing I want is to ban anyone from USD

Also, the posts about sales, need to be posted on sales or wishlist page



I beg you, don't do sales/giveaway on comments, don't show what you get in bazaar, etc etc

Please, respect USD and the USD team and follow the rules of USD and Stardoll

Hope you understand and like this post I made for MSW

Good luck to everyone, fair play!

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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