More spoilers

There are more spoilers for a decor store, I'm not sure but maybe Fashion

Do you like them?
xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to thedresdendoll 

Real versions:

Leather Embossed Fendi Logo Pillow (special thanks to lydia versace)

Simon Hasan's award-winning 'FENDI Mannequin' (special thanks to Maria-0077)

Fendi Casa Crystal Chair (special thanks to Maria-0077)

Camelot' sofa for Fendi Casa (special thanks to Maria-0077)

Fendi's lamp

Hanging Lamp FENDI CASA Ring (special thanks to Maria-0077)

The interior from last post is also inspired by a Fendi project (Private Residence Oil Nut Bay)

 Asja cabinet by Fendi Casa (special thanks to Maria-0077)

Fendi Casa Constellation coffee table (special thanks to Maria-0077)

Fendi rug  (special thanks to Maria-0077)

Fendi 2jours Tote in Black & White Calf Hair and Leather (special thanks to ashshila)

Fendi 3Jours Leather Tote (special thanks to Gresa and ashshila)

Ar-themes Logo


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