"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #134

Hello everyone!!

Yet another week has gone by. I hope you had a nice one, as usual. I hope you had fun on Stardoll as well. First round of voting for MSW is ending soon, so go vote for your favorites while there is still enough time. But before that, check my weekly recap.

On Monday, we got a nice surprise. (Well nice for people who like these things.) I am talking, of course, about new Ink'd tattoo/piercing store collection.

This time, we got tattoos that seem more like henna tats, or recently popular so called 'flash tattoos'. In another words, not permanent tattoos. There are some other nice and unusual 'real' tattoos, and some resembling also famous 'delicate tattoos'. We got some nice piercings as well. Ink'd remains as one of my favorite Stardoll stores ever, as I am huge fan of ink. (Real ink, not temporary.)

On Wednesday, we got a nice MSW themed Epiphany collection.

This collection consists mostly of glamorous jewelry, resembling real diamonds and pearls. Maybe a bit too glamorous, but good for some big, formal events, like MSW. We also got some great and never-seen-before eye make up, this time we got some for 'closed eyes' look. I adore pre-made make up, as it is really hard for me to apply properly 'regular' eyeshadow. They added a nice pair of lips, ok the color is not that common, but a nice step up from Stardoll. Speaking of..

Not long after releasing closet update fro Royalty members, Stardoll decided to alter all user's wardrobes.

I am really glad for that, as I did not want to renew my membership yet. (Waiting for MSW craze to pass and broadcast prices come down to 5sd.) Anyway, I have played a bit with the update, and gotta admit, aside from some minor glitches, it is really great. Now I can create outfits like I imagine them in my head, look for necessary items much easier. I dislike that we don't have separate sub-categories, like in bottoms - skirts, pants, shorts, etc, but Stardoll said they are working on that issue, and some more updates.

And on Friday, Stardoll released 2nd floor of MSW15 store.

The outfits are really nice, I love those elegant dresses and nice accessories. Still, I liked 1st floor more, and I wish those were more like dresses we got in YH collection recently. There are few nice cardigans too.Well, I hope you find something you like, because I ain't a huge fan of the store, aside from few items.

And this wraps up yet another week. On Monday we can expect new Antidote collection, (it seems a bit small according to spoilers), and MSW semis. So good luck, have fun, and of course, vote, comment, and see you in a week.

~ Venus
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