"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #131

Hello everyone!!

Kinda slow week, but that probably means Stardoll is preparing something big. Actually, they are, as MSW 2015 is just around the corner. So far we only got spoilers, so I will reap it once it gets announced. Until then, enjoy my recap of a previous week.

On Monday, we got another '9 to 5' collection.

I think it is a great idea Stardoll continued to keep releasing career themed outfits. This time we got some more careers, like nurse or fashion designer. It is a great idea and it can inspire users to create different rooms inspired by certain presented items. My favorite is office chick outfit, as I love shirts, and I hope to be an 'office chick' one day. (Work for the bank.) Nurse and patient outfits are both interesting and from what I read on Stardoll blog, they plan to keep pursuing career themed outfits. Choices are just endless. And I love it.

On Wednesday, Stardoll released new Callie's Picks collection, named 'Loco for Coco'.

The collection is inspired by legendary fashion designer, consisting of mostly black clothes, some whites, and a few different colored items. There are some really attractive and high fashion items there, along with infamous Audrey dress. Accessories are great too, and they stand out well.

Recently, Stardoll has updated their One Stop rules, adding a new restriction.

So, as it say, it is forbidden even to ask users to break rules. Meaning, if you want to buy something rare, you should never offer to pay, for example, 900sd, as you'd be encouraging user to break the rule and risk their account, but now, it may jeopardize your account as well.
All other rules still apply. So be careful, and obey the rules - remember, Stardoll set those rules to protect you from getting scammed and losing stardollars and/or valuable items. It ain't that hard.

And on Friday, we (actually, Royalty members only) got a new collection of Royalty store.

It is one single floor, with fashionable items, most of them just looking expensive. There is a variety of fabrics and patterns, my favorite being the lace. It is kinda small, but attractive collection.

Yeah, sorry I didn't feel that inspired on writing the recap. And besides, some may prefer smaller descriptions and comments. I don't know, tell me. Anyway, get ready for the next week, but before that, vote, comment, and I'll see you next week.

~ Venus

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