"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #128

Hello everyone!!

Now I am not really sure many are gonna read this post. I don't think many care about stuff that happened this week, as we are all anxiously expecting next one's release (re-release to be exact). But still, I hope someone will want to take a break from the LE craze and enjoy a nice and hopefully interesting recap. I will try making it short and sweet.

On Monday, after a really long time, we finally got new Polished collection.

The polishes are inspired by Chanel real life nail art. Black and white are dominant colors, though we have some other colors and patterns. They look great, except, I am not sure many people would want to buy them. I mean, they are barely visible and too pricey for what we get. Still this collection is one of the best released, so you might consider buying one or 2, maybe even more.

On Tuesday, we got another Callie's Picks Decor collection, named 'A day at the beach'.

We got a beach background for out suites, and some ordinary beach stuff, like towels, sunscreen, sunchairs, etc. Items are really nice, and I love they added a pal we can dress up (sort of), One thing I don't like is that it looks like stuff is randomly scattered away. Anyway, an ok collection, to keep up with your summer mood.

On Wednesday, we got new Jet Set Superstar exclusive collection.

It consists of both clothes and furniture, and it is available for superstar and royalty members only. I kinda like clothes (well, some), and interior seems pretty unique. Overall, it is a nice collection, worth investing some gold coins into.

And for the end of a week, we got a new 'It Girls' collection.

Another ordinary collection in ordinary store. And I am not impressed. I mean, the stuff is nice, but seems kinda hard to combine, at least to me. We got even a boy outfit there. (Seriously, a guy outfit in it GIRLS store?) My favorites are jeans, of course.. and that's it. Like I said, not my cup of tea.

One thing I did not mention is Fever store closing down. It just doesn't seem that important now when we know what can we expect tomorrow. Of course you know what am I talking about. I hop it gets released early, so I don't have to wait 5 hours refreshing each 2 minutes. Yeah, it is crazy, I know, but it is the 1st ever LE collection that is coming back. Anyway, I will talk about it in my next recap, until then, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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