Guide for Stories's posts

To make it easier to find the posts with the stories, I decided to make this post "guide" with the old posts made by M_Themis and also with the posts made by me (some new stories and some continuations), so you guys can bookmark it, until it goes to the sidebar, as we know some of the new posts made by me disappear from the front page or even when we select HISTORY tag, right?  

Hopefully, it will be fixed soon! They are in "name of the store" alphabetic order!!

Amyclaire on Stardoll - The Story:

Hotbuys 2006-2007 - The Story: 

Hotbuys 2008 - The Story: 

Hotbuys 2009 - The Story:

Hotbuys 2010 - The Story: 

Hotbuys 2011 - The Story: 

The Hotbuys Story 2012:

Hotbuys Story 2013:

The Hotbuys Story 2014:

The Hotbuys Story 2015:

Je T'aime Pretty In Pink on Stardoll - The Story:

LE on Stardoll - The Story: 

Story of LE DECOR on Stardoll

LE Messages - The Story: 

Loterry Dresses on Stardoll - The Story: 

Migliukee For Stardoll - The Story: 

The "Miss Sixty - Do not Use" items Story: 

Mortal Kiss on Stardoll - The Story 

Story of Museum Mile on Stardoll

Old Voile Offers - The Story: 

OTTO Store on Stardoll - The Story

Story of Pêt-à-Porter store on Stardoll

Proposal Dress -The Rarest Dress of Stardoll: 

Special Editions on Stardoll - The Story:

St Trinian's 2 - The Story of Campaign Stores (part 1): 

Strike a Pose story

Stylein on Stardoll - The Store:

Story of SubCouture on Stardoll

Tribute Stores on Stardoll- The Story 

Viviene Tam and Philosophy on Stardoll - The Story: 

Young Hollywood on Stardoll - The Story:

I will keep updating the stories and this post when necessary.

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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