New Gifts on "Buy&Get"

Hi guys, do you remember this post from some days ago?

Today when I topped up in my account, I received the Captain Kitty as part of the "Buy&Get" .
Real Life version (special thanks to Emerald56)

and if I would buy 3000 more stardollars, the gift would be the "shelves"

The shelves over a darker background look better (special thanks to DViko)

We know that these gifts are random, they don't have a specific order to appear. In some of my accounts, I would receive the old gifts if I top up and also if I buy a package of membership (except the 3 months package as it is part of the VIP promotion) the gifts are also the old ones.

So, we already discovered that these 2 items are new gifts of Buy&Get, and we all know that the "Winning Wrestler Fox", (which by the way is a Red Panda) was the gift from "Stardoll Diaries"

. Will the other items be gifts for "Buy&Get" too or for something else?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

UPDATE: Some users already have some of the other items as gifts on the membership packages (special thanks to DemonCherryBlossom)

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