The Story of Young Hollywood on Stardoll (continuation)

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Like you already know, I can not update M_Themis posts, she stopped on the 3rd collection, so I am doing a new one to continue posting the updates of YOUNG HOLLYWOOD

M_Themis post is this one:

So let's go...

The 4th collection was released on 07 May 2013 and it was a mini one, only 2 outfits, one is Blake Lively in Gucci (this dress in real life was way better than Stardoll version, it was grey with black and in opposite way, grey was in the top part of the dress and black on the low part) and the other is Madonna in Givenchy. 

The 5th collection was released on 20 August 2013 and it has only 1 outfit inspired by Lady Gaga Applause.

The 6th collection was released on 08 October 2013 and it was a mini collection with only 3 outfits and in my opinion, this is one of the best mini collections that we had! All the clothes we can wear in so many looks, great collection!! The combat boots and the tartan shirt are super wanted nowadays and they were the first pieces to be sold out!

The 7th collection was released on 28 October 2013 and it was a Halloween one. This collection was full of costumes inspired by the costumes worn by celebrities in various Halloween parties. 

The 8th collection has been released on 12 November 2013 and it had only 3 outfits inspired by Colcci Fall/Winter 2014 - São Paulo Fashion Week. The outfits worn by Gisele Bündchen and Isabel Goulart.

The 9th collection inspired by Golden Globe Awards was released on 14 January 2014. The outfits were inspired by Elie Saab Spring 2014 worn by Taissa Farmiga (in a different color),  Prabal Gurung Spring 2014 worn by  Zoe Saldana (colors inverted and Stardoll version is shorter) and Christian Dior Fall 2013 Couture worn by Jennifer Lawrence (flower pattern instead of white)

The 10th collection was also a mini collection inspired by the Oscars Red Carpet outfits and it was released on 03 March 2014. The outfits were inspired by Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace, Lupita Nyong’o in Prada and Michael B. Jordan in Givenchy

The 11th collection was inspired by Met Gala 2014 and it was released on 6 May 2014. The 3 outfits were inspired by Givenchy worn by Naomi Campbell, Zac Posen worn by Liu Wen (in a different color) and Thierry Mugler dress worn by Georgia May Jagger 

The 12th collection was released on 22 August 2014. After so many mini collections we had a complete floor of pieces inspired by many designers. The Fausto Puglisi dress worn by Kendall Jenner and the Adam Selman dress worn by Rihanna were the first pieces to be sold and I think they are the most wanted.

The 13th collection has been released on 12 January 2015 and it has 3 outfits.Rihanna in Altuzarra spring 2015, Chloe Moretz In Chanel Spring 2013 Couture and Alessandra Ambrosio in Balmain

One of the dresses was released as a 127 level item, which was crazy because almost anyone was at that level at that time, but soon they fixed it

The 14th collection of Young Hollywood inspired by Grammy 2015 has been released on 10 February 2015. The outfits were: Taylor Swift in S/S2015 RTW Elie Saab dress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, Kim Kardashian West in Jean Paul Gaultier dress, Rihanna in a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress and Madonna in a Givenchy matador outfit

The 15th collection was released on 26 March 2015 and it has only 3 items, a hairstyle inspired by Kim Kardashian, and 2 necklaces, one inspired by Balmain and other one inspired by Lanvin. Both were worn by Kim Kardashian at Roc Nation Pre-GRAMMY Brunch.

On the next day, 27 March 2015, Stardoll released the outfits: Dries Van Noten S/S2014 worn by Kanye West and Givenchy Fall 2008 Couture, Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 RTW and Balmain Resort 2015 worn by Kim Kardashian. 

The 16th collection inspired by Met Gala 2015 has been released on 5 May 2015. They were inspired by: Beyoncé in a Givenchy dress, Rihanna in Guo Pei, Rihanna hair and headpiece, Cartier necklace and Kim Kardashian West in Roberto Cavalli dress

On 19 June 2015 the 17th collection called "Celeb Weekend" was released with an outfit inspired by some pieces worn by Gigi Hadid.

On the next day, 20 June 2015 it was the time to 2 outfits inspired by Kendall Jenner

On the next day, Sunday, 21 June 2015 was the time for the Taylor Swift outfit. The "pose" with a cat, gloves and bag was the first item to be sold out, less then an hour after the release of the store.

On 31 August 2015 the 18th collection was released with outfits inspired by some Red Carpet outfits. The prices range between 20 stardollars (earrings) and 200 stardollars (Cara mini dress). You can check the real versions HERE

On 11 November 2015, Stardoll sent a tweet at about 1PM GMT saying something exciting was about to happen on that same day 

Then, after about 2 hours, they sent another tweet with the logo of "Callie's Secret", which we all started guessing that it would be something related to the Victoria's Secret show that happened the night before. 

Then, after waiting for a long time, the YH window's store appeared at Starplaza but the collection was glitched, some users were able to buy the items but others, even seeing the window on Starplaza and the items on the catalog, could not get them, so the window was took down, then after some more time, the 19th collection which was called "Callie's Secret" was finally released with outfits inspired by Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid looks from the night's before Victoria's Secret runway.  You can see the real life versions HERE

On 20 November 2015 the 20th collection was released with outfits inspired by some Red Carpet outfits and celebrity outfits. The prices range between 32 stardollars (Macklemore necklace) and 200 stardollars (Cara Stars dress). The first piece to get sold out was Riri top. You can check the real versions HERE

On 19 February 2016 the 21st collection was released with outfits inspired by some Grammy's 2016 Red Carpet outfits. The prices range between 40 stardollars (Taylor Grammys Top) and 175 stardollars (Gaga Grammys Gown). The "Gaga Grammys Gown" and the "Gaga Ultra High Platforms" were SSonly items. You can check the real versions HERE

And these are all Young Hollywood collections until now!!
What is your favorite?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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