Strike a Pose story

Stardoll decided to make some clothes that simulate some poses, and that's why the limited store called Strike a Pose was created 

On a Sunday 23 February 2014, we saw a spoiler on snapchat explaining that on Monday the collection would be sellable for Royalty and Superstars members only and the next day, Tuesday, it would be available to everyone.

So ... the 1st collection of Strike a Pose was released on 24 February 2014. The New Yorker Blazer Denim is the most wanted piece from this collection and they were the first to be sold out!!

The 2nd collection has been released on 5 September 2014. In this collection we had an outfit for male dolls too which is cool as we have some great male dolls on Stardoll and they also deserve some nice clothes and poses, right?

On 16 January 2015, the 3rd collection has been released. In this collection, we had a couple holding hands and some really cool poses for both girls and boys!
This pair of jeans were not on the store but they were on catalog.

On 8 May 2015 the 4th collection has been released. The poses were inspired by Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab, Maison Martin Margiela, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexandre Vauthier, Audrey Hepburn and others, also the interior is inspired by Metropolitan Museum of Art

On 31 July 2015 the 5th collection has been released. For the first time, we had the poses with skin tones (light, medium and dark skin tone) instead of grey/black/white legs and arms like in previous collections. The pieces were extremely limited, there were some with only 200 pieces, 300 pieces. The prices range between 18 and 160 stardollars (full prices).
I think Stardoll could think in a way to the poses get the skin tone of our dolls automatically, like we have with the wigs on Tress Up, for example. It would be great, as we have a palette for skin tones with many colors and not only the 3 they released this time. For example, my doll is under the skin tone called "wheat" on Underneath Stardoll Underwear collection, but the light skin tone on this collection is more similar to the "apricot" one.  

The next day, 01 August 2015, Stardoll restocked 17 items (most of the light skin tone items) with 400 pieces each, without any tip, so it was a complete surprise and also it was a Saturday, when normally nothing is released! 
These items have different ID number than the collection released on 31 July 2015 and they also have on the tag the name of the piece and "restock" 

On 04 December 2015 the 6th collection has been released. (Curiosity: 2 poses were modified on the morning of the release). Like the last time, the poses were released in 3 skin tones (light, medium and dark skin tone). Some of the pieces were extremely limited, there were some with only 200 pieces ("Santas Helper Arm Pose Dark", "Girly Girl Arm Pose Dark" and "Gift Bag Pose Dark"), 250 pieces ("Pink Furry Boots", "Santas Helper Leg Pose Dark" and "Yoga Leg Pose Dark"), 300 pieces ("Santas Helper Hat", "Time To Open My Gift Pose Dark", "Family Portrait Arm Pose Dark", "Yoga Arm Pose Dark", "Santas Hat", "Girly Girl Arm Pose Medium", "Time For Desert Pose Dark", "Gift Bag Pose Medium", "Time For A Sparkle Arm Pose Dark", "Excited For My Gifts Pose Dark" and "Chic Winter Arm Pose Dark").
The prices range between 15 and 145 stardollars but when the store was released the "Yoga Leg Pose Medium" was with the price of 450 stardollars instead of the 95 stardollars that the other 2 skin tones costed (you can see in the picture of the first floor of the store I am adding here and then the same floor with the correct price)
and here is the 1st floor with the correct price on the "Yoga Leg Pose Medium"

And these are all the collections until now.
What's your favorite?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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