Here are the spoilers probably for Couture Tribute

For those who want to see the details on the earrings here they are:

Do you like them?

Are you planning to buy anything?

xoxo, sdoreymenano


Charlotte Olympia - Time Piece engraved Perspex matchbox clutch (special thanks to MissiwantitalliEurore) 
Maison Margiela Spring 2015 tights and shoes (special thanks to Missiwantitall, singiel, fabgaga)

Schiaparelli Spring 2015 Couture (special thanks to Missiwantitall, fabgaga)

Bouchra Jarrar S/S 2015 Couture (special thanks to singiel)
 PS:There is a top from this collection too, but I am trying to find another picture of it

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2015 Menswear (special thanks to Maria-0077)

Gianbattista Valli  S/S 2015 Couture (special thanks to fabgaga)

Ralph & Russo A/W 2014-15 Couture (special thanks to thedresdendoll)

Armani PrivĂ© Spring 2015 Couture (special thanks to Knockout)

Serkan Cura S/S 2015 Couture (special thanks to Knockout)

Dolce & Gabbana - Alta Moda S/S 2015 Couture  (special thanks to Knockout)

 (special thanks to thedresdendoll, camilaria)

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