"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #122

Hello everyone!!

How are you today? Hope you had a nice week. I'm gonna cut this short and get straight to my recap, as there is a lot of thing to discuss. Ready??

Monday is for Tributes, of course. This week, we got a Couture Tribute.

So this collection is inspired by various designers, unlike previous ones. A quite long time ago Stardoll released a Couture Tribute store, and prices were much higher than in this one. Released items are truly amazing, especially for people who love formal gowns on Stardoll (raises hand). Overall, this collection is really good, and I do plan spending some stardollars there.

The same day, Stardoll finally announced VIP Summer club. If you are not sure what am I talking about, read on.

So basically, you become a 'member' of VIP Summer Club by buying either 8 weeks or 3 months of superstar memberships. The benefits include 11 exclusive VIP gifts, 15% extra stardollars, special VIP only activities, such as an exclusive access to specific contests, and a chance to earn some extra starpoints if the members from your country buy most VIP memberships. Now I am not sure whether this offer will last for a Summer only, and we will have a Fall pass too? Anyway, even the offer seems nice, I am honestly not really impressed. And as I prefer to buy 2 week packages, I will not be taking it.

Along with VIP Summer Club being introduced, Stardoll updated our broadcasts as well. Take a look bellow.

So from now on, Superstar and Royalty members have a chance to add an image (one from offered) to their broadcast. It can make some things much easier, as, for example, you are looking for wigs, you will click on add that shows hairstyle. If you want hearts in yearbook - chose a pic with a heart when sending broadcast. And of course, if you would like to sell something, there is bright red pic with 'SALE' on it. I really love the update, one of the best we've had for a while.

On Tuesday, Stardolll announced July HotBuys.

I have nothing bad to say about the collection - it is fantastic! Finally some black and white basic pieces, (mostly white), with some golden accessories, there is a nice swimsuit, that gorgeous white shirt - well I love everything and I will be probably end up buying every single item.

On Wednesday - nope, no Callie's picks this week either - is Callie on vacation or so? Anyway, we got a nice interior store release - Fashion Furniture.

I believe that is my favorite interior store on Stardoll, (well second favorite, first is Furry Friends of course). Items seem basic, but still fantastic. We have some new mannequins, shoe boxes, shelves, etc. And that Dior bag is really nice addition.

On Thursday, Stardoll announced 50% off sale in Tress Up, selected items only.

It lasts until tomorrow, and prices are really great, so go grab them in time. I am not sure whether Stardoll will be removing those floors, but think when you buy - you won't be able to resell them, or find on anyone's bazaar. I got some nice hairstyles for a bargain, I think none of them is priced more than 10sd. And the good thing is you can actually try them on. For example, I love some hairstyles, but they just do not look well on my doll.

And on Friday, Stardoll released new collection in Riviera store.

It is summer time, and no wonder Stardoll is releasing stuff related to summer. The collection consists mostly of swimsuits, nice shoes and sandals, and even a guy outfit. There are some nice bags as well. Swimsuits are really nice, but I wish they were more colorful. And I love the denim jacket.

That's it for a week! Hope you enjoyed my recap, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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