"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #121

Hello everyone!!

Summer is finally here (at least for some), but it surely did not feel like the 1st day of the hottest season of the year, as it was pretty cold today here. (Yeah, I know I talk about weather a bit too much, don't hate me.) Anyway, we had kinda interesting week on Stardoll, and I am looking forward to next one. So here goes my weekly recap.

On Monday Stardoll continued with Tribute stores release - this week we got Inspired by Balmain Tribute.

Unlike previous Tribute release, which was mostly white, this one has much more color. There are also many different textures Stardoll perfectly recreated. There is definitely a nice amount of must-have clothes. For example, red outfit is fabulous, and coat can be used to spice up an ordinary outfit. There is also denim outfit, which I adore, as I am huge fan of denim. And there is even an outfit for guys. Prices are a bit over the top, yet nothing strange for Tributes. Anyway, I love some items, and I will probably buy them, but not yet.

On Tuesday, Stardoll released mini collection in Windows On The World store, inspired by Islamic holiday Ramadan.

The outfits are nice, and I really like Stardoll made an effort to create outfits for this occasion. They represent Islamic culture well, at least by what i saw on TV and The Internet. I also love out-of-ordinary outfits, and some pieces can be used and combined well to create ordinary outfits, but yet with a hint of Oriental. A guy outfit here too, if we only had pals we could actually dress up, not already fully clothed.

And on Wednesday - no, it is not Callie's Picks, trust me, I am surprised too - new pieces added to a store named after us (Underneath Stardoll).

What they did is adding some new shades of body covers to already existing collection. They also added some new items, like skirts and bodysuits, which is weird, I mean, do we really need them? Also, some still have hard time adjusting their skin tone to body cover, so how about Stardoll, instead of slider for doll's skin tones, gave us option to pick between colors on the covers? Also, they could have just changed that our dolls come with those covers already, instead of white underwear. But why give us free, when they could benefit from it? Kidding, if they did actually remove the 'underwear' and make our dolls look like nude, (sort of) I could imagine many users abusing this. So overall, I am glad they added more shades, but I don't really need new body covers at the moment. (At least until I decide to change my doll's skintone, which will happen, well, never.)

For the weekend, Stardoll gave us a nice surprise - a new Young Hollywood collection, which release was spread through all weekend.

So instead of releasing the whole collection in one day, they decided to release one outfit per day, so we got a Gigi inspired outfit on Friday, Kendall on Saturday, and Taylor Swift on Sunday. This is kinda new concept on Stardoll, and I kinda like it. I mean, if you missed, for example, a Gigi outfit, you could still try getting some of Kendal stuff the following day. Outfits are really nice, enough to make me (finally) decide to renew my Royalty membership. I did not buy whole outfits just to have and resell them, I decided to buy only what I really liked. A cat pose was my definite favorite from all items. It is kinda weird though that Stardoll made only Gigi hair to be buyable, but not Kendall or Taylor. Anyway, most of the items took time to sell out, some even a whole day or more. Except cat pose, which was gone in less than an hour, and I was lucky to snag it in time.

That wraps up the week. Yeah, Stardoll also started a Ramadan campaign (instead of usual calender), a new Star Designer was announced, and for the following week we can expect new Couture Tribute, and another Tribute store, not so sure about that yet. I hope you had fun, got everything you wanted. So vote, comment, and see you all next week.

~ Venus
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