"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #120

Hello everyone!!

How was your week? Have your summer holidays started, or are starting soon? Anyway, you will probably have more time for Stardoll, but I suggest you don't spend it all online. Summer is coming (well, for us on Northern hemisphere anyway), and it is going to be really hot, so spend it well, have fun with your friends and family, and don't worry in case you miss something, that's what my recaps are for - to catch up with top weekly news. Anyway, nothing much happened this week, but still, if you love reading my posts, well, read on.

Tribute season is definitely on! After last week's JPG tribute release, this time we got collection all the way from Australia - Melbourne Minimalism, which got released on Monday.

The collection seems pretty basic to me, with most of white clothes released, a little less black clothes, and only a few different colored items. Now I know white color is perfect for summer, as it is light, bright, and a classic color, as it can be matched with anything. And there are some really amazing pieces in collection which I am looking forward to buying. Problem is that white clothes, as I mentioned few times before, don't look well with pale skinned dolls, but you can always mix and match, include some other colors and make a fab outfit. Still, looking forward to something more colorful for the following week.

On Wednesday Stardoll released new Fallen Angel Decor collection.

Is it just me, or this collection seems more appropriate for Halloween? Seriously, it just does not follow the Summer theme. Sure, that's the type of interior you can expect in Fallen Angel store, and there are people who do not coordinate their suites and outfits according to season. And of course, we had a fair amount of Spring/Summer themed interior, so it is ok. The bookshelf and stairs can do a lot to 'ordinary' room, and there are also some other interesting items. I love the cat (duh!), but I do not like that it is tattooed. Yes, I love tattoos and I love cats, but in real life, tattooing cats (and any other animals) is just cruel. But don't worry, no animals were hurt in making those pixels.

And at the end of a week, Stardoll released new PPQ collection, named "Cream Label".

The collection is nice, but almost the half of the items are black, some with some cute patterns though. I am not a huge fan of a collection, even I usually love PPQ. Actually, I really love some of the items, such as long black dress, striped off shoulder dress, and off shoulder black cocktail dress. I am not sure why it got released in separate store, and not in existing PPQ one. Shoes are pretty basic, and I am disappointed with a lack of other accessories. Oh, yes, and the interior is jut fab, but how about Stardoll allowed us to buy more 'basic' rooms? They are much easier to decorate.

Anyway, like I said, not much happened this week. Yes, Stardoll announced another Star Designer of a week, and no, I haven't heard of her before. And she is hair designer as well. Looking forward to the following week, and hoping for either some offers for superstar packages, gift-o-meter, Wild Candy Couture - anything to make my Stardoll life more interesting. Until then, vote, comment, and see you soon.

~ Venus
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