"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #119

Hello everyone!!

So another week has gone by, it feels like time is flying, at least to me. An average one on Stardoll though. At least in my opinion as well. Ok we had an interesting update, but nothing special. But first things first.

Remember Museum Mile collection we got a previous week? Well, on Monday, it got restocked with 200 extra pieces per each item. And made available for everyone too.

Yeah, remember that Stardoll said "Royalty only pre-shopping" for the 1st edition? Well, as I said, on Monday, they decided to open it for everyone and add extra 200 pieces for each item. It made me super happy, as there were some pieces I had to get. I may have bought more than I should, but it is ok. What is surprising (or not so, you decide), is that collection is not sold out yet. I mean, I get it when that happens to Royalty/Superstar only collection, but when collection is available for everyone, it is supposed to sell out much faster. Granted, there are only few items left, but still.. I will not talk about the collection, as it got covered in previous post, but I hope there are many of you satisfied with this restock as me.

On Tuesday, Stardoll hinted us with a promo saying "Are you the next Star Designer", but it wasn't until Thursday we got a glimpse of what the competition/update is really about.

So according to the info on their page, Stardoll will chose and feature a talented Star Designer each week and feature them on the front page, provide some info about them, photos of their designs, and a direct link to their suite. I really like the idea, and I saw somewhere, not sure where, that Stardoll is asking members to 'nominate' some of the talented designers they would like to get featured. I am hoping this becomes a nice place for not so well known members, but talented, get recognition for their amazing designs and style, not just giving already well known members even more fame. There are few people I'd like to see featured, and I am looking forward to seeing new and unique designs. I also hope they don't feature only hair designers, as there are many that can do fantastic outfit or jewelery designs too.

On Wednesday we got a new Callie's Picks collection, named "Festival Chick".

It seems like summer is time for various festivals, at least in Europe. (Well, technically, it is not summer yet, but you get the point.) So, of course, Stardoll has re-released some nice, causal and comfortable clothes, with most of dark tones. There are some nice jackets, top, jeans, and of course, some rares. Some of them are the MK black skirt, Stylein long sweater, SATC top. I am not a huge fan of the style of items, so I doubt I'll be buying anything. Still, as usual, I am sure many of you will find a place for some stuff in your closet and use items in outfits. (Speaking of, how about a closet update, Stardoll?)

On Thursday, Stardoll decided to add some updates to our Star Design Hair studios.

First update is that we can now resize our doll in studio so it can be visible whole. It can be really useful whether you use it to see how will your hairstyle look on your doll, or for creating those complex outfits and other interesting un-ordinary designs.

The other is that we now have 12 spots for Hair Designs, instead of usual 8. Very helpful for those members who love to design a lot, as they now do not have to delete their designs that often in order to create new ones.

On Friday, we got new Sunny Bunny collection.

It consists of many Kawai themed items, lots of cute, unusual pieces, we have some make up, lenses, sunglasses, bows, necklaces and earrings, some piercings too. Yeah, and Tress-up like hairstyles. It is very colorful and cute. I know items may not be so wearable, but it is a nice idea getting out of your comfort zone when creating your doll's look. Yeah, there is also a cute doll released.

And the same day we got a new offer from Stardoll -15% extra stardollars when topping up.

So the offer is only valid for stardollars packages only, but honestly, 15% extra is not much. Except for members who regularly top up bigger amounts, not me though. I was hoping for some discounts on Superstar membership, or any nice offers for buying ss via phone, as I really want to renew mine, but I don't feel like doing that right now. Anyway, I hope at least some of you like and took advantage of the offer, as we haven;t had any like this for a while.

Another thing I wanted to add, but not really include in recap, is that Stardoll chose Ask Noelani contest winners. I am loving the winning entries, and hope to see more contest like that one. Anyway, that is for the week, on Monday we can expect another tribute collection, and after that, who knows? So vote, comment, and see you next week.

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