Hotbuys Story 2013

January 2013:

February 2013:

Stardoll started with the HotBuys Weekly

"We know you can't get enough Hot Buys, so we're giving you the chance to get your hands on LOTS more, every Wednesday! 
Make sure to be in Starplaza next Wednesday, February 6th for the very first Hot Buys Weekly--- the brand-new collection of five ultra-covetable fashion, beauty and d├ęcor items, each purchasable during one week only! And you won't want to miss a week--- you could be the lucky winner of fabulous prizes in upcoming Hot Buys Weekly contests.
What will the first collection's theme be? Tell us your guesses in the comments!"

Feb. 06

Feb. 13:

Feb. 20:

Feb. 27:

March 2013:
Mar. 6

Mar 13:

Mar. 20:

Mar. 27:

April 2013:
Apr. 3:

Apr. 10:

Apr. 17:

Apr. 24:

May 2013:
May 1:

May 8:

May 15:

 May 22:

 May 29:

June 2013:
We stayed some weeks without any Hotbuys until June 21 when Stardoll released a new store called HotBuys Summer Retro which basically re-released old HB but with the tag "HotBuys Summer Retro"

July 2013:
Jul 22:

August 2013:

September 2013:
We didn't have any HotBuys and on Sep.25 Stardoll announced the return of the Monthly Hotbuys

October 2013:

November 2013:

December 2013:
Like always on December we have a Calender with one item per day, this year the calender was called Hot Hot Buys Calender

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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