Story of LE DECOR on Stardoll

The 1st LE DECOR collection was released on March 2011. Some items are animated like for example, the shower and the lavatory on the 3rd floor! 

The 2nd collection was released on 24 October 2011. The collection had some animated items like for example the 1st elevator (the blue one on the 3rd floor)

The 3rd collection was released on 5 April 2012. As you can see, this collection had a lot of blue decor items, some animated items like the monitor and the 2nd elevator that we got on LE DECOR. 

There were 3 special items that you only could get through Facebook and only for 3 days.They were also released on 5 April 2012 and they were these ones:

The 4th collection was released on 7 December 2012 and it was a Christmas themed collection. I really like this collection!

The 5th collection was released on 19 April 2013. Bright colors, lots of belts on the furniture, and in my opinion the worst LE decor collection, I only like a very few items in the whole collection

The 6th collection was released on 22 November 2013 with some really beautiful items. This LE collection is inspired in an apartment in Paris and has gorgeous items, that we can use in any room.

The 7th collection was released on 14 February 2014 and of course, it is full of hearts and pink for the Valentine's day

The 8th collection was released on 8 December 2014. It is another Christmas collection with some great items, with prices range between 29 and 145 stardollars.

The 9th collection was released on 17 April 2015 and it is an old Paris theme, with some great items! The prices range between 20 and 119 stardollars 

The 10th collection has been released on 11 September 2015 and it is a called "Palm Springs" The prices range between 15 and 100 stardollars. The most limited item in this collection is the Palm tree that has only 300 items. And the wall could be bought more than one time.

The 11th collection has been released on 08 January 2016. This collection is inspired by Dior. The prices range between 15 and 120 stardollars (the dresses). The most limited item in this collection is the "Modern Classic LE Perfume" that has only 300 items. The 3 chairs: "LE Classic Cream Armchair", "Ultra Modern LE Chair" and "LE Dior Inspired Chair" could be bought more than one time.

These are all the LE Decor collections until now!
Which one is your favorite?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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