Hi guys, sorry but I am having busy days, one of my cousins will get married tomorrow, so, of course I will not be online because I will go to the hairdresser and then to the Church and party.

Well, you already saw that PPQ is coming and these are the Picks of the day for the next days, some of you already saw, but here are them for those who didn't saw yet. The boots on May 17 are Hotbuys, ok?

Do you like them?

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to Hook's lover, Btlmls, ~Rana~Zombie Apocalypse, Ladyfunybannie, Ashleybaby93, ☾✧ Katherine ✧☽, Vera and Alice

Here is an article on Dailymail.uk about the SS2015 PPQ collection (special thanks to  Hook's lover)

As you can see, the dress and the jacket on the Pick of the day are part of PPQ of Mayfair Spring/Summer 2015 collection and here is the other looks from the same collection, maybe they will be on the store too  :) 
Also, do you remember the pair of earrings we saw some days ago? Maybe they will be for this collection too, as you can see the models are with some feathers earrings too

And here is the e-mail of Stardoll about the PPQ collection (special thanks to CuteAsCucumber)

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