"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #118

Hello everyone!!

Wow, what a week on Stardoll!! Seriously, you are lucky if you are not totally broke now and begging people to buy your stuff. Like, we had everything - interior release, 'regular' store release, limited release, sale.. well, if you missed something, take a look at my weekly recap that starts now.

So, like I said, on Monday, we got an interior store release, a new interior collection in Golden Sands store.

The collection is inspired by Mexico, and has a lot of colorful pieces, interesting and useful items, and some quite unusual backgrounds. (Well, not so unusual for Mexicans I guess.) Seriously, there is a fair amount of really useful items, perfect for upcoming summer. Like, there are some ordinary items, but in different shapes and colors, which makes them unique and nice for experimenting with styles in your rooms.

The same day Stardoll announced June HotBuys.

Is it just me, or the quality of HotBuys is kinda going down? I mean, I am used to seeing collections with a least half stuff useful and wearable, but now, I can name only one or 2 that I will maybe buying. Of course, some will not agree with me, simply because, well people are different and have different tastes. What I love are the purple wedges and maybe the bikini, but I will think twice before buying any, and depending on price as well. Well, better luck next month.

On Wednesday and Friday respectively, Stardoll released 2 collections in Voile, both named "Prom 2015", but completely opposite.

The first one consists of bright colors, both short and long gowns, perfect for younger teens, but some can be worn even by older dolls who want to celebrate their prom on Stardoll as well. There is not a huge variety of dresses and colors - mostly white, light blue and light pink dresses. One of the best dresses is, of course, for superstars only, but I didn't plan on buying it anyway (you know the story - pale skinned doll). Of the remaining items, I would choose silver long gown, others are just not so my thing.

And the second collection, like I said, totally opposite. Now I used to adore the style, but abandoned it a while ago. But seeing all those gorgeous dresses made me rethink my choices. There are really pretty dresses, stuff like we haven't had for a long time. I am really loving almost all items, and I like that Stardoll doesn't focus only on 'ordinary' members and ordinary items, but likes to add some punk vibe into our prom outfits. The colors that dominates is, of course, black. Great collection, Stardoll!!

We haven't had those for a while, right - a 60% off closing sale on selected items in selected stores.

Seems like Stardoll is doing Spring cleanup, removing ancient old items from stores. And I am okay with that, I already had most of Fallen Angel stuff, but managed to snag some bargains. Of course, some were expecting 75% off sale and did not buy stuff, while others, (me included) did not want to take that risk. Well, we were wrong.

Yup, Stardoll announced 75% off sale on same stores. Even I got most of what I wanted on previous sale, I still snagged some more bargains, afraid I may regret not buying them later. Although I may regret buying them in the 1st place, as they can be really hard to sell, not no mention starcoin items. If you haven't gotten anything yet, you better hurry, there is not much time left!

Last week Noelani posted an interesting contest on Stardoll YouTube channel, but as I do not check Stardoll YT channel that often, and seems like neither the USD writers either, we didn't notice it until this week, when Stardoll announced the contest on their home page.

The contest is to create a nice outfit that would look well with Noelani's new short hairstyle. (I am loving her hairstyle btw, as I love and have short hair in real life as well, a bit shorter than hers though.) Some members were confused whether to create real life outfits, but what you had to do is create outfit in your suite, on your doll, using Stardoll clothes, and post a screenshot on Twitter or Instagram, with hashtag #asknoelani The price is really amazing - an exclusive LE jacket, whihc will be given to 3 members only. The contest ended on Friday, and no, I did not submit any outfits, but I am looking forward to seeing what winners created.

And on Saturday(!!) we got new limited collection, Museum Mile, marking the start of a Tribute season.

The collection is limited, of course, and for Royalty members only. I am loving the colors, the patents, and as we are used to, there are many unusual pieces for extravagant dolls, or just for people who love to experiment with styles. I loved some items, but still not enough to make me take my phone and buy another Superstar package this month. I did not like that we had no warning that the limited collection is coming, and of course, no one expected limited collection on weekend - not any collection whatsoever. I know I will be hunting bazaar once items become sellable for my favorite pieces, but for now, I am looking forward to older collections becoming sellable, as I have many items I can't wait to sell.

And that sums it up, I hope you had fun, and I am seriously hoping for some updates next week. Like some members said, it would be okay if we had less releases but more updates, especially the one we've been waiting for ages, and are still waiting for it. Until then, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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