LE Decor released

Update 2: The interiors are already out!
To get them click HERE

UPDATE 1: The interiors are NOT at the suite shop or catalog yet

The new collection of LE Decor has been released
The prices range between 20 and 119 stardollars

To get all the things in your dressing room click HERE

Will you be buying anything?

xoxo, sdoreymenano


Chanel flower stall (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava and Melody)

Paris Metro Station - Abbesses (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava and NatmoLove)

Real life version of the fountain (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

 Hard Plastic Madame Alexander Maggie Face "Alice in Wonderland" (special thanks to Melody)

Vintage fan by Dan Cordero (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

Handcrafted Silver Plated Cutlery Chandelier by BespokeChandeliers (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

Paris Metro sign (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

Book with flowers (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

Lavender wreath (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

Tassel Chandelier (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

1936 Harley-Davidson EL, an overhead valve, 61 cubic inch powered bike (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

Macarons Display Stand (special thanks to Prikazna/Desislava)

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