"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #112

Hello everyone!!

Another week has gone by, days are getting warmer and I love that. (Although it was not so warm today.) On Stardoll, we got many new releases, updates, you loved some, hated others.. well, read on my recap in case you missed something and/or want to hear my opinion.

The week started with quite ordinary store release - this time we got new It Girls collection.

Yeah, it is definitely Spring on Stardoll, according to their releases, like this one. Again, we got different colors, patterns, some unusual pieces, and we gotta admit, starcoin items ain't that bad either. One superstar only dress, one royalty only dress (I love that one btw). Also, pointed heels are fairly cheap and a good investment as the color is great and could be easily combined. Overall, pretty nice collection.

The same day, Stardoll updated their sign up page, as a preparation for some other updates we were given later that week.

Anyway, new members now have an opinion to chose from a variety of starter dolls, clothes, and even suite items. They can even get some of superstar only Tress Up hairstyles, and some really great clothes and interior. Now I know older members may dislike this, as only new members get all that nice stuff, but you gotta admit, anyone who joins now has much more to work on their accounts to get them to where others are. They missed lottery dresses, Limited Edition old seasons, 5 stardollars a day, free gifts we got from time to time, some great offers, sales, have a lot to go to earn starpoints and level up, etc. My point is, it is really nice incentive from Stardoll to new members, influencing more people to join, or just older users making new accounts to play with. The whole sign up page looks more professional now, with a good insight of what members can expect when joining this online community.

On Tuesday (??) we got new Callie's Picks Decor collection, named "Falling for Fashion".

So soon? Ok, in my opinion, the collection is kinda weird. The items just seem randomly tossed around, and even there are some really great pieces out there, I guess they could be used better. (I can only guess, as I ain't an expert at suite decorating.) I really love the display rack, but why it had to have 'Junior Guliter' logo on the top of it. And why superstar only? I like the books too, but the other items seem just too ordinary.

And on Wednesday (finally!) we got a new Basics collection.

It consists of 2 floors, one with girl clothes and another with guy clothes. There are only 4 colors for each item. The whole collection is, of course, in starcoins. (And yes, I know I am repeating my words.) Although, some items in 'boy' section could be easily used for girl outfits, the best example are those coats, but also cardigans and backpacks. I hate that only boys got converses, because even I know we can design converses for female dolls, it would cost us 7sd for each pair, while guys are getting given items for starcoins. I am glad Stardoll listened to our wishes and finally decided to give us something we wanted for so long. The collection is okay, with prices being a bit higher than usual, and fewer choices of colors. My favorites are definitely sandals, but I love almost everything, and I do plan on buying everything.

On Thursday, Stardoll updated their site, toolbar and broadcasts, to be specific.

So now they moved everything to the top of the page - notifications (they included messages in notifications as well), chat (also, when you actually do chat, it pops up at the bottom of your page), friends, daily starcoin tasks and Stardoll Academy button. And it is okay, I don't really hate the update. Except for a thing when we get a friend request, it shows up on two places, kinda annoying, but it is still okay. What I hate is the broadcasts being moved to the left side of our page. It may be harder to win a covergirl or sell stuff, as people will now only look at broadcasts only when they want to. I know it may seem discouraging for members who'd rather promote their dolls by paying for it, instead of spamming guestbooks, but don't worry, if you have a really good doll, if you are talented at designing, if you sell some really good stuff, people will eventually visit.
Now even I like that Stardoll is updating the site, that is not the update many members were looking for. For example, they for sure know we want a closet update, making it easier to search through many pages of our closets. I'd like some discounts on superstar membership as well, we haven't had any offers recently, right?

And the end of a week marked a new Limited Edition Decor release.

The collection is inspired by Parisian streets and the springtime. The collection is, in my opinion, one of the best LE Decor collections we ever had. Items are just gorgeous, a bit unusual, but overall, a fantastic collection. It is a shame items don't sell out as fast as, for example, LE fashion stuff, but I guess most people (me included) prefer dressing their dolls rather than decorating suites.

And that sums up the week. Yeah, I did not mention the update in our Beauty Parlors, a catalogue so we can shop for beauty parlor stuff directly from our beauty parlor - pointless, as we can't actually try out the items. The week was fun, with everyday updates, and we can only hope for next to be even better. Until then, vote, comment, and see you.

~ Venus

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