"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #111

Hello everyone!!

First of all, I want to wish Happy Easter for those (like me) who celebrated it today. I visited my cousins in another town near mine, and I had a lot of fun. Hope your day was fun too. Without further intro, I am starting my recap now.

This week started with a release in Splendid jewelry store.

The collection is quite small, but had some really interesting, never seen before pieces, like those lip crystals, sparkling hair diamonds, and those Gaga glasses. I also loved septum piercing, as we never had one before as well, though I'd more expect to see it in Ink'd store. (Ok, now I saw we do have some in Ink'd already. Sorry.) In addition, we got a purple eye make up, which I really love using, as you know regular eye make up can be really hard to apply properly. Overall, a great collection.

Then on Wednesday we got new Callie's Picks collection, named "Backstage Style".

This collection brought back a lot of classic pieces. It also brought back a fair amount of rares, some of them being the infamous Elle black blazer, hung up blazer, 'just bobby' tee, Icon print minidress, Sequined cardigan, and some others. Pieces are mostly really pretty, classy, and can be easily combined. Now I know some of you may complain of CP bringing back rares, but I am sure you got used to it. Besides, it is not the worst that happen to a dedicated player and collector. For example...

On the following day, Stardoll surprised us with this offer.

Stardoll gave us chance to get this exclusive, Limited Edition dress, very popular, rare and valuable. For spending 600 stardollars, anyone could get their hands on this fabulous dress. And not just for spending in starplaza, but starbazaar and suite shop as well. As I had many stuff on wishlist, and after searching starbazar for a while, I spent my required stardollars. Now dress that was supposed to be owned by only 150 members, and never be available again, is in suites in more than 150.000 members. (Just a guess, don't take it for granted.) Anyway, I hated Archive re-releasing stuff, and got used to it, same happened with CP as well. But paying 250 stardollars for a dress, that once was quite a lot as the starbazar limit was 60sd, and seeing it in suites of every second member, can be really discouraging for old players and collectors. Not that I am complaining, but it seems really unfair. Yet again, there is not much we can do.

And on Friday, we got new release in Royalty store.

The store consists mostly of long, elegant dresses, with 'windblown' effect. Each of them is truly gorgeous, though I guess they can be used nicely with Tress Up hair with the windblown effect as well. Maybe Stardoll is encouraging users to buy those hairstyles, but not many, as the store is for, like I said, for Royalty members only. There is even a guy outfit, one short dress, and one swimsuit in a collection. Anyway, there are many items that ended on my wishlist, and I am looking forward to buying them someday.

That wraps up this week, and as usual, I am looking forward to next one and hoping for best. By then, vote, comment, and see you soon.

~ Venus
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