"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #110

Hello readers!!

First of all, I want to wish Happy Easter to all of you who are/were celebrating today. I hope you had a nice time with your family and/or friends, maybe got some nice gifts. But I hope you can set out some time and check this week's recap, I promise I will try making it interesting to read. So here we go.

Another week started with a decor store release, this time in Yachts Club - Bahamas Break was the name of collection.

According to a collection, Stardoll is preparing for Summer, even Spring has started just recently. Still, it may not be such a bad idea to decorate a room or 2 for that amazing season. We got many interesting and unique pieces, and I adore the backgrounds, as we have a day and a nigh one. Possibilities are endless, especially if you have at least as little creativity and some unique ideas. There are, of course, some starcoin items, some superstar only items, and one royalty only item. You can use these items also to decorate your Beach Villa, as I saw some users did.

The following day, we got quite interesting Easter campaign on Stardoll.

Once again we got a new gift-o-meter, with some really nice gifts. The meter goes up to 200 stardollars, which is not much in my opinion, and some gifts, like white jacket and jeans, are simply fabulous. The downside is that there is not a starcoin gift-o-meted added, non superstars want some gifts too. Anyway, you can easily fill it just by doing broadcasts (I love that the broadcasts count to meter), or buy from.. well, you will see when you read on.
In addition to gift-o-meter, we got a bunch of upcoming activities, and I really love Stardoll is listening to us, giving us more perks, fun things to do and something to keep us logging in everyday. As you will see, we got new store release, a sale on selected stores, some extra starpoints, hidden gifts.. I am looking forward to more activities and I hope they will be fun.

On Wednesday we got new Original Future store release. (Phew.. luckily no new Callie's Picks.)

I am no a huge fan of a store, but I gotta admit, it has some pretty amazing stuff, like those earphones (I cannot imagine my life without earphones!), that denim top, black top, the fishnet dress, etc. Nice idea if you want to fill your meter a bit. It has some guy stuff as well, and only 2 starcoun items - not so bad ones though.

So as I mentioned, we got a sale on Thursday, on Miss Sixty and Killah stores.

Good thing is, we got a great 50% off sale. Bad things - stores are leaving the plaza, as they are one of my favorite stores on Stardoll, aside from Nelly.com. Now if OF did not fill your gift-o-meter, I am sure this sale did. I got many items, and if they decide to make the discount even bigger, I might consider buying even more stuff. Even I do not like all of the items, I might later regret not buying them. Still, like I said before, it is nice to finally declutter (is that a right word?) starplaza, and make room for some new and interesting stores.

And on Friday, we got a new Subcouture collection.

It is fabulous, as usual. It is limited, as usual as well, but only time limited. You have about a day and a half now to buy stuff you want. There are many pieces I like, and many I am undecided about. The items are, as the title suggests, not for your everyday look, but rather for special occasions. Well, at least in real life, on Stardoll you can do whatever you want, wear swimsuits on Winter and coats on Summer, stuff like that.

Okay, so I am really tired, and it is quite late here, so I'm gonna wrap it up now. Anyway, hope you had a nice week, and wishing you even better next one. Vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus

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