Original Future spoilers

Sorry for the late post, I had a doctor appointment and only now I could get the notebook to post this! Hope you understand!

Here are the spoilers for the new collection of Original Future:


Stella Mccartney Denim Skirt (special thanks to Tina blue)

American Apparel Stripe T-shirt Romper (special thanks to Tina blue)

Frends Taylor Headphones in white (gold)  (special thanks to Tina blue)

filippa p sport legging (special thanks to Tina blue)

Marc Jacobs t-shirt style printed (special thanks to Tina blue)

Anya Hindmarch - Ebury Maxi Eyes Tote (special thanks to Missiwantitall)

T by Alexander Wang - Gray Classic Boat Neck Dress With Pocket - Heather Grey  (special thanks to Tina blue)

Adidas Original by Rita Ora (special thanks to Mnbvkfsg)

Être Cécile "Notorious" T-Shirt (special thanks to caramcqueen)

Abercrombie & Fitch -  Strappy Bralette (special thanks to Tina blue)

Versace Spring/Summer 2015 Menswear (special thanks to Mnbvkfsg)

Roberto Cavalli skirt worn by Katy Perry on Prismatic Tour (special thanks to BFF5698)

Adidas Originals sneakers by Jeremy Scott - Instinct Hi Ring (special thanks to fernando-jca)

River Island - Light denim Bralet (special thanks to Vannassa555)

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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