"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #108

Hello everyone!!

Spring is finally here (at least for us on Northern Hemisphere) and I am loving the sun, the warm weather, and everything else that goes with this amazing season. Quite an interesting week on Stardoll as well. Read on in case you missed something, or just wanna hear my view on things.

On Monday, we got new MS.TQ collection.

This collection, in my opinion, is one of the best we've had in a long time, and maybe even from the whole store. Besides the gorgeous hair pieces, we have some amazing accessories, one of them being the eyebrow piercings, which look fantastic on my doll and can come in handy when I want to give my doll a bit 'darker' look. We have some awesome eye shadows, and those butterflies are adorable, though I am not sure how they will look on my doll, as I haven't tried them on yet.Overall, great, easy to mix and match pieces, the only downside is that we cannot recolor them, though the colors are okay the way they are now.

On Wednesday, a week early, we got new Callie's Picks collection, decor to be specific, named "At the Mall".

I don't know about you, but to me, the title reminds me of a song "Let's go to the mall' by Robin Sparkles. (Please don't tell me you don't know what song and show am I talking about.) Anyway, the pieces are as expected for the theme - we have shopping bags, trolleys, an escalator, (which is moving btw), some other interior items to add a final touch to our little mall in our suites. I wonder if anyone made an actual room with this theme. I would probably try, if I had some extra empty rooms. (Tip for Stardoll - please give us more 'ordinary' rooms, I don't have problem paying 99sd for 2 small rooms, and I prefer them opposed to themed room as they are easier to decorate.) We have some clothes too, and what I noticed were members complaining of old tribute stuff getting re-released, making us wonder is it worth spending that much stardollars on tribute stores anymore.

On Thursday, (surprisingly, as Stardoll doesn't release new collection usually on Thursdays), we got new Fallen Angel collection.)

Even I have mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of these types of clothes, I love to occasionally cross to the 'dark side' with my doll, like I mentioned. And this collection can surely help, as it has some really fantastic pieces. From dresses, tops, accessories, interesting shapes, textures, prints, this may be one of my favorite FA collections in a while. One of my favorite items is unfortunately only available to superstars, but never mind, I will get my hands on it eventually. So give it a try, add some dark pieces to your suite, I am pretty sure you won't regret. Unless you want to save up stardollars and wait for a sale.

The same day, we got new offer from Stardoll for buying stardollars or purchasing superstar memberships, but only on selected packages.

Honestly, 15% is not much when topping up small amounts, but for members who buy their stardollars often/regularly, and in bigger amounts, it is a nice incentive, as some would have bought them anyway. And you could always use some extra stardollars. I am hoping for some discounts on ss membership, as I really want to renew my membership, but 2 weeks I usually buy end so soon to me.

On Friday, Stardoll launched another big event with upcoming contests - this one named "Spring Festival".

It consists of 4 various contests, in which you could get some nice rewards. There is a nice reward for participating as well, a 3 piece portrait for your suite. The challenges seem interesting, and it is a nice idea from Stardoll of making such a contest. I mean, the rewards may be small, but it gives us more things to do, to entertain ourselves by completing challenges, and having fun doing so. I am looking forward to more activities like these. Good one, Stardoll!

Talking about good things, this week we got 3rd gift from March Madness campaign, an man, it is fantastic!

The dress is beyond gorgeous, something you can expect to see in Young Hollywood or some other limited store. It is long, elegant, pastel colored, perfect for spring, - the best freebie for a long time, and this time again, with no strings attached. I saw many users wearing it, and I think it can look really good worn with latest MS.TQ hair pieces.

And the final even of a week, was the new Wild Candy collection - actually, it is called "Wild Candy Couture", and it comes with a certain 'catch'.

Okay, so one thing that it has in common with previous WC collections - all items are in starcoins. But, looking at the prices, you will see that it is bit out of ordinary. Prices range from 200 to 900! starcoins. With a Stardoll limiting us how many starcoins we can have at the time, it may not be so easy to get the items. Unless you want to convert stardollars to buy stuff, which I would hate doing, as I'd be spending stardollars and could only get starcoins in case I ever decide to resell item(s). Also, maximum price is 900 sc, as I said, but the starbazar price limit is 600sc still, which would make us lose stardollars if we wanted to resell them later. Plus, there's another catch - the collection is time limited, it will stay only for 5 weeks. Plenty of time for some, too little for others. Good thing is that now more people are selling their starcoin stuff, so there are more starcoin items circulating in a game - maybe the only good thing about this release. Okay, I forgot to mention, most of the items are truly gorgeous, and 5 weeks is not so short period. It also give a chance to non superstar users to get their hands on some beautiful items without having to spend real money to buy stardollars.

And even with 7 items recapped, there are still some things that need to be told. Told you, what a week!
- New stardesign items released - more chances to design and/or buy some new, interesting pieces.
- Pet-a-porter pets have grown! - well slightly, and they are still with those basket, but they are still adorable.

That's it. Phew, finally. If the next week has the same amount of events as this one, I wouldn't complain. I love stuff Stardoll does for us, we are still hoping for the wardrobe upgrade, maybe some other nice updates. Until next week, have fun, and don't forget to vote on the poll and comment.

~ Venus
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