"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #107

Hello everyone!!

Another boring week has gone by. (At least for me. Life sucks when you are done with college but don't have a job yet.) Anyway, nothing much happened on Stardoll, some releases, an offer.. you will see it in my recap now, in case you missed something.

It started with an ordinary release on Monday - after the huge sale, we got a new collection in Bonjour Bizou.

There isn't much to say about the collection. It has some interesting pieces, colors, patterns, etc. The highlight of a collection is a wool coat, which is, of course, only for Royalty members. I mean, the collection is nice and all, but there is nothing that catches my eye, nothing to scream 'buy me now!'. I already have too many clothes, not interested in buying more soon. (Unless, of course, Stardoll makes another sale.)

On Wednesday, of course, Callie's Picks - "Pastels in Paris" collection.

The theme is, obviously, pastel colors. Spring is approaching, and I think this is the appropriate collection to bring your mood up and prepare you for the, in my opinion, the best season of a year. It consists mostly of pale orange/beige colors, something like that. A quite rare Pin Broche is there too, for a 'bit 'too high price of 25 stardollars. (Seriously, I know it is rare and all, but 25sd for a tiny brooch?) Some other rares got re-released, nothing much valuable though, so it is ok. We also got 2 old Tress Up hairstyles, so if you missed them last time, now is your chance, as they cannot be sold in bazaar. But what about CP decor? Will be we getting more of that. (Not that I care, I am lousy suite decorator.)

And Friday got us an adorable animals in new Pêt à Porter collection. 

Well at least I guess they will be adorable, according to a promo pic, as now they come in baskets. Noelani said in her video that they will grow in 3 stages, so it may be a good idea to snap photos of them while they are still young, as they won't stay like that forever. I can't wait to see how will they turn out, and as a huge animal lover, I had to buy them all. The collection was released much earlier than usual, which saved me and many others from excessive refreshing and nervously waiting for the release. Still, I am glad I woke up in time to get them all before they sold out. Which did not happen so fast, as most users prefer to buy clothes on Stardoll.

The same day, we got an offer for 30% extra stardollars when buying from Tablet.

Nice deal, but I am not sure how many users play Stardoll on their Tablets. It says it works for mobile phones too, but I did not get the offer. Not that I would have taken it anyway.

And on Saturday (yesterday) we got our 2nd March madness gift - a beautiful blue necklace.

The necklace is gorgeous really, the shape, color, details. I think it is such a sweet gesture from Stardoll, giving us gifts like this, with no strings attached. Can't wait to see what the next gift will be.

That sums up the week. I hope yours was better than mine, I hope you had lots of fun, stardollars, and I am looking forward talking to you next week. So vote, comment, and see you.

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