Last Week on Stardoll - week #104

Hello, readers!

First of all, I want to tell you I am really, really sorry for so late post. Usually nothing stops me from doing my weekly recap - being sick, tired, sleepy, lazy. But this was just beyond my power. My computer broke, and I had to get it to a service to get it fixed. And you know these things take time. Believe me, I missed doing my recap, but here it goes now.

The week started with another ordinary store release - Evil Panda.

The items match theme quite well. I am not a huge fan of the store, or the store concept overall, but I gotta admit there are some really nice items. For example, that pink studded jacket is amazing, and cat sweater too. I love cats. I used to like this style, like 5 years ago, but now I feel I have 'overgrown' it. Still, you can try and make some fantastic outfit combining stuff with stuff from other stores. There are few nice starcon items too, and surprisingly, no superstar only items.

On the same day, we got some new updates. Well technically, they did not all occur on Monday, but they were reported on that day.

First of all, is an update like shown above - when you hover over your starpoints bar, you get an image like that, telling you how many starpoints you have in total, what level are you currently, how much starpoints do you need to advance to a next level, and of course, the reward for reaching the next level. I think it is quite useful update, though I wish they updated the rewards as well, as high levels (like me - level 100 #feelingproud) do not unlock any hair, or clothes, or accessories, only starcoins and sometimes stardollars.
The other update is a new layout in starplaza. Nothing special, just a slight change in a look, but worth mentioning. Also, we got a new rule, that forbids users of running scripts to advance in game. I am really not sure what scripts people can use, I can only think of auto clickers for reaching 5000 votes award (Do NOT do it! I didn't do it either btw.)

On Wednesday, we got new release in Stardoll pals store.

Unlike the previous collection, that consisted of celebrity inspired dolls for our suite, this time we got more family like dolls. We have dolls hugging, holding hands or other stuff. Thy are really great, they can make your suite look more like a real home. I really love the idea and I hope we get more dolls soon. The only bad thing is that the all of the pals are superstar only, but once I renew my ss membership, I plan on buying some. (Although I prefer putting cats in my suite rooms. Have I told you I love cats?)

And on Friday, after so much waiting, we finally got a new LE collection. A really, really good one.

Finally, something we've been all waiting for. A black and white classic Limited Edition collection. With some beige tones. I dare to say this is one of the best collections we had for a really long time. The items are fantastic, I especially loved black dresses - short and long. From what I've heard, the collection sold out pretty quickly, and it is no wonder that happened. Yeah, even my Internet worked at the time, I still wasn't superstar and besides, I only had stardollars to buy few items anyway. Great job, Stardoll team! I also want to mention that I adore the hairstyle on the right on a pic above, and I hope to see it in Tress Up store soon. I love short hair, as I have a short hair in real life as well.

And the same day, March HotBuys got announced.

Aside from denim skirt, I am not a huge fan of new HotBuys. I wish Stardoll put a bit more effort in creating Hot Buy items as well, not just limited stuff. Still, I am sure some people like them, but not me. And how about that hairstyles? They seem to be the best part of the pic above. No offense.

That's it, for now a while gone week. I believe this poll will have the least votes ever. Again, I am so sorry, and I hope I am able to deliver my post in time in the future. Vote, comment, and see you (very) soon.

~ Venus
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