"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #103

Hello, everyone!!

How was your week? Mine was a bit different than ordinary, and I liked it. On Stardoll, we had 2 limited collections this week, (and I missed them both), and some also interesting stuff. Read on to see.

On Monday, we got an 'ordinary' Pretty'n'Love clothing collection.

With pastel colors and soft tones, this collection kinda reminds me of upcoming spring. It has gorgeous light dresses, bags, shoes, and other items. It also has one royalty item only, pink sweater with a white heart in the middle, (Which I do plan on buying once I renew my ss membership). This collection, in my opinion, is one of the best they had. Pieces are kinda plain, but with right mix and match, adding appropriate accessories, you can make a perfect outfit.

Now this wasn't actually a big thing, or something I post about often, but it seemed really important not to miss it. It was an International Safer Internet Day campaign on Stardoll.

It is a serious issue. With Internet becoming so popular and available, young people should be warned about dangers that lurk out there. You should be careful about what you post online, what you share with friends, who you talk to, as there are many people out there who can do you harm, bully you, influence you to do wrong things. I also want to reach out to you, readers, to think before posting a mean comment or talk bad about people. Because behind each username is a real person.
Stardoll did not forget to remind us of their One-Stop rules, and I will repeat some of them. In order to keep your account from being deleted, you mustn't sell or trade accounts, trade or make private deals, sell starcoin stuff for stardollars, sell stuff for over 600 stardollars, etc. Remember, Stardoll made those rules to keep you from being tricked, or 'scammed', and you should follow them.

The same day, kinda randomly, Stardoll released new mini Young Hollywood collection.

It was inspired by this year's Grammy awards. I really loved the dresses, especially the Rhianna dress, even the real version looks kinda 'weird' (or it is an understatement). I like pink. And of course, I missed it. Other items are ok, and I love that they were available to everyone, as usually YH is. I hate that that we got no warning at all. And because of real life stuff, I missed it. I remember hating that I missed Kendal dress from one of the recent YH collections. Oh, well, I'll get over it.

On Wednesday, Stardoll released their very 1st Callie's Picks decor collection.

The theme is 'Retro Kitch'. Now I am not an expert regarding decor, and I am not sure what items are rare and what not so much. Are there even rares on decor on Stardoll? I am sure there are, just not so popular as rare clothes. Okay, I am rambling now. Still, I am wondering some other things, like is this the end of CP clothes, or they will change each 2 weeks? Will we have CP for jewelery too?
Honestly, I couldn't care less about the release, except maybe a dog. (Can we have some cats in next issue? I love cats.)

The same day, we got new chat room, Valentine's day themed.

Now I know this isn't a big event, but I liked to discuss a topic. Is paying 12 stardollars really worth for a nice, but background we will use only for a while? Does the background even matter when we do chat on Stardoll? Maybe to post some photos, but I am not a huge fan of chatting on Stardoll. There are better options for chatting, like social networks, and I don't have too many close friends on Stardoll anyway.

And to finish off the week, we got another limited collection. This time it was a Valentine's day themed issue.

I really loved some of the items, while others are just tacky. Of course, dominant colors are pink, white and red, with some blacks, and a lot of hearts, and broken hearts. Shapes and patterns are quite interesting, but not much wearable though. Yeah, I missed that one too, with being non superstar and away, but I am not so upset about this one. I used to love Antidote before. (Remember 1st 2 or 3 collections? Flawless!) Yeah, I know you are all waiting to be dazzled with new LE collection, with high chances it being not V-day themed.

Phew, finally I'm done. It is almost 11pm her and I am really tired and sleepy, so I am not gonna make this post any longer. So as usual, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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