"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #102

Hello everyone!!

I don't know about you, but here is freezing cold, and I can't wait for stupid winter to be over. I also want to take a moment and thank you for leaving nice comments on my last post, congratulating me and stuff.
Now onto the last week - no, we still did not get that so wanted LE collection, but be patient, maybe try selling some stuff so you can buy it when it finally arrives.
And now onto what we actually got last week.

It started on Monday with new collection in Epiphany store.

It consists of beautiful jewelry, for me, the white mask was definitely the best item from the collection. (Though I wish we could put it under our hair like shown on ad above. I also love studded silver choker, which is, surprisingly, superstar only, but I'll add it to my wishlist so I can buy it when I renew my membership. The jewelry is out of ordinary, has some quite unique and striking pieces. Though I am not a huge fan of beauty parlor jeweler, except for the 2 pieces I mentioned above.

On Wednesday, we got new Riviera Carnival collection.

The pieces are colorful, like really colorful, not something I could see my doll wearing every day. But for a nice party on a beach, why not? Though I do not plan visiting any parties on Stardoll soon. Actually, now I see it, there are some nice pieces, but if I ever decide to buy from the collection, it will either be when/if it comes on sale, or I feel a need to add a colorful piece to an 'ordinary' outfit. For all of you who like it (and have some extra stardollars to spend) - go for it, spice up your virtual wardrobe.

On Thursday, we (finally) got a nice offer from Stardoll.

We haven't had any offers like this one recently, I am pretty sure. You have an option to receive the gifts shown on a pic above by spending a stardollars on stuff in starplaza. To get all the 3 gifts, you had to spend 300 stardollars. Now even the hair is gorgeous, and the mask is okay too. Not so sure about the head piece btw. Still, with some extra stardollars left, and a full wishlist, I thought it was a great opportunity to spend my precious gold coins. I like the offer as you did not have to pay real money (by buying stardollars or ss membership). And yup, that hair looks really good on my doll, and I like that the gifts got delivered immediately, instead of waiting for a campaign to be over so you'd get the gifts.

And on Friday, not LE, but something even better - new collection of Furry Friends interior store. (Or better said, pet store.)

The animals are adorable, of course. And they are Valentine's day themed, which makes them even more adorable. Now I prefer cats, but omg, those lambs are so cute! And that dog at the 'Free Kisses' stand. Too much cuteness, so eve I don't decorate my rooms like 'ordinary' users do, I like adding a random cat to a room. Animals are just the best!

And on Saturday, (surprisingly), we got new Doree hair colors.

Now I am sure many of you cringe at the sight of pink, but I kinda like the haircolors. What I do not like is that they are almost identical to ones we have in our beauty parlor already. I am still tempted, although now that I see, I cannot remember last time my doll had a pink hair. I guess I wasn't much interesting at experimenting lately.

So the Tribute season is almost behind us, with Tommy Hilfiger store leaving the plaza, and Valentine's day is upcoming, so we can hope for some nice surprises, maybe  V-day themed LE? Or better not? Also, we saw in spoilers that the Callie's Pick interior store is coming, does that mean it will replace the CP clothes? And even it does, would it make you happy or sad. I am kinda undecided. But can only wait and maybe speculate.

That's it for a week, see you next one, vote, comment, and a big hug to all of my supporters.

Love you all,
~ Venus
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