Last Week on Stardoll - week #101

Hello everyone!!

I want to thank all of you again for congratulating me on my 100th post, and for liking my column. The Monday was really great day, beside reading all of your comments, I also graduated from Economy college on that day.
But moving on, new week, new recap.

On Monday, Stardoll released new make up collection in Dot store.

As you can see, it came in several different shades of pink, we got new lipstick, blushes, eyeshadows and even pink mascaras. Now I really love some of released items, (and I think I am in minority), but my suggestion is better check out your beauty parlor to see if you already have same or similar make up. But since the prices aren't that high, like in Transform or Luxe, you won't lose much if you buy some of the make up from the collection.

On Wednesday - 'Moves like Jagger' - a new Callie's Picks release.

I like the title, as I like the song named the same by one of my favorite bands Maroon5. Basically, the collection consists of 'hippie' clothes, or retro, whatever you call it. It is not something you see dolls wearing often, even there are of course members who love the style and are excited to try the clothes on. Stardoll also re-released the infamous tan pleather platforms, which are quite popular. (I got mine for free on The Vote btw.), and Kohl's jeans, which made me happy as I really loved the whole Kohl's store and I hate that they are not sellable in bazaar. But except the jeans, I doubt I'll be buying anything else. I don't have a specific style, but this is definitely something I do not see my doll wearing.

Friday's release made me really happy - yet another Ink'd collection!

The tattoos are fabulous, as usual, even they are not so visible on our dolls. I like to switch between full body tattooed doll to a small tattoo included in formal outfit, or something in between in casual outfits. Still I definitely try including at least one in every outfit, even the small one. I believe I said it once, but I will repeat - Ink'd is the best idea and the best store Stardoll released, especially for people like me who are crazy tattoo fans. Anyway, there are many cute designs and of course I plan buying all of them (except the male ones) eventually. What I like is that the store isn't limited or superstar only (except few items each collection), and that Stardoll updates it often.

That's it for the week. Well, also the D&G store leaving the plaza today, but as a user suggested, it is silly putting it in a poll, and I totally agree. On Monday, we can expect new jewelery store, according to spoilers. I know some of you want new LE, but I think we need a small break from limited stores.
As usual, vote on the poll, leave a comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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