A new Museum Mile collection is coming?

Well, as you already saw, there is a new contest on Stardoll http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=4165

Reading the contest, you can see that Stardoll will pick 3 winners to receive stardollars AND be featured in the next Museum Mile collection:

"We will pick 3 winners for the contest who will receive Stardollars AND be featured in the next Museum Mile collection!! The collection will also feature a curated selection of items submitted by other Stardoll artists, but only the top 3 receive Stardollars and further promotion.

The items will be recreated and illustrated by our in-house design team, and all 3 winners and artists chosen for Museum Mile will receive the items they designed as gifts."

There are amazing artists on Stardoll, can't wait to see the entries and you?

Also, do you think that other users designs will be on a limited collection or a normal one?

Will you participate on this contest? I won't as I am not a designer :), so good luck to all of you that are participating on this contest. And don't forget that it will be closed on Monday, February 16

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to #Alex, Regina226, Kathylinn and Marija-Smile 

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