News about Stardoll APP for tablets: "Stardoll - Fame Fashion & Friends"

As many of you already know, we can play Stardoll on tablets using the app called "Stardoll - Fame Fashion & Friends", on ipads or on tablets with Android (Android 2.3 or newer). 

You can find how to download it on Mobile Games page on Stardoll site or going directly to the app store: Itunes or Google Play Store

Stardoll is improving the app and yesterday they released a new function that some of you may had seen that is the "moving box" from the app to the site, in other words, we now can transfer things from the site to app and vice versa.

Until yesterday, we only could transfer things from site to app but now we can bring back the things we had transferred to app, using the box that is now at our storage on the site, if you click there you will see the things you have on the app and can choose what you want to transfer to the site.

Will you download this app? 

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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