"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #99

Hello everyone!!

Remember complaining about lack of releases and updates on Stardoll? Well, how about 2 limited stores in just one week, with 3rd one coming soon? Bet you did not see that coming. Although there was a week when they released 2 limited stores, only once before this one. I hope you got the stuff you wanted, and if you did not, well, get ready to pay a high price for them when they become available to be sold. If you wish, of course. But here we go with the recap.

On Monday, we got a longly awaited Young Hollywood store. Mini store to be exact, with only 3 outfits. Oh, well, it is better than nothing.

What I like about this store is that it is available for everyone. That means, if you are non superstar, have some stardollars saved up and want to get your hands on some gorgeous limited stuff, this is your place. Now something about the individual pieces: White dress is gorgeous, elegant, simply beautiful. And even I really loved it and had enough stardollars, I refused to buy it simply because my doll has a really pale skin tone, so it wouldn't look so good. The other dress, short brown with black stripes, well now I regret not buying it. There was a funny glitch, where it showed that the dress was available only for dolls who are 127th level or higher. I mean, seriously, do you know any doll who is that level? 3rd item was actually an outfit, with a blazer and shorts. Shoes, they are nice, but kinda too basic, so I did not want to pay much for stuff that;s barely visible. I wished that they released more stuff, but after Friday, I was glad they didn't. You'll see why.

On Wednesday - do I even have to say it? New Callie's Picks, of course.

The collection is named 'Black Is The New Black' - seriously, Callie?? It consists of, obviously, all black stuff. And obviously, there are some rares re-released and some people mad. For me, I am just glad that they did not bring black black Elle skirts, as I paid 500sd for each. (Not so smart idea, I know.) Anyway, there are several nice coats, the infamous studded beret, which was sold previously in coins. (I actually like the idea, Stardoll re-releasing starcoin stuff, as no one wants to send their stuff for those blue coins, so people who like the stuff can't get them.) Overall, collection is average looking, some good, some bad. The collection arrived a bit late than usual, so some thought it was the end of CP, but Stardoll seems to disagree, I mean, it is still easier to search through archive and compile a collection than designing individual pieces, right?

And on Friday, another limited collection! Yeah, you hear me right. And it is the most desired one - Strike-a-Pose!

The collections is gorgeous, as the previous 2 were as well. And quite popular as well. Even more popular than LE it seems. The reason is simple - people want something new, and poses are quite wanted on Stardoll, but let's be realistic, it would be impossible adding option to change a pose of our doll. And it is obvious, as Stardoll staff would have to make changes to almost all pieces, and we all know how many items are out there. So this is the closest we can get, and I am not complaining. I like wearing different poses, and when I get bored of them, I can just sell them, for quite high prices, as they are really wanted. That much that when I saw the spoiler, I immediately rushed to renew my membership so I could get them.
One thing I forgot to mentioned - spoilers arrived few hours before the actual release, so many users (me included) kept refreshing the Stardoll page and USD blog for hours, waiting for news about the release. The collection, surprisingly (well, not that surprising now that I look few weeks back), had some boy items too. Prices were fair, considering how much wanted the collection is.

That's it for the week. I hope had a nice one, got what you wanted, and still have some stardollars left for some new limited stuff we are expecting. But we'll see it in a week. As usual, vote, comment, and see you next week!

~ Venus
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