"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #98

Hello everyone!

How was your week? Here was so cold, have I mentioned that I hate cold weather? Anyway, Stardoll has released a lot of 'warm' clothes for our dolls. I like that they release stuff according to a season, at least on Northern hemisphere. Not sure what am I talking about? Check out my weekly recap, starting now!

On Monday, another Tribute store got released - Tommy Hilfiger this week.

I believe this is the final release for this Tribute season. I like it because it is much different than the clothes we usually get. And like I said, I like that Stardoll coordinated items with the season. There are some really beautiful pieces, like sweaters, coats, scarfs, boots.. I gotta admit, I did not like the collection on he 1st look, but when I see them now, I wanna buy almost everything! I will wait a little though, in case I renew my royalty membership so I can get them on discount. My favorite pieces are definitely beige sweater and skirt with stripes, but I also love blue striped sweater and a skirt.

On Wednesday, another winter themed collection got released - Après Ski.

Here we also have a variety of winter themed clothes and accessories, some nice dresses, with the most beautiful dress being superstar only. (I'll get it eventually, that is for sure.) I love the blue bolero, but I wish it was a sweater instead, as I am not really good at combining those types of clothes. Earmuffs, I love the earmuffs! And I also love, love the winged heels. Another thing I like is that Stardoll promotes faux fur. Their items with fur always have a 'faux' tag on them. I mean, it is irrelevant on pixelated clothes, but it may encourage people to use fake fur instead of real in real life too. 

And on Friday, guess what - another winter themed release! Okay, it was interior this time, so it is okay. I am talking, of course, about Winter Peak.

There are some unusual, unique items. Great for people who want to re-do their rooms after holidays, stash the Christmas tree and decorations and still keep the room(s) winter themed decorated. For me, I didn't bother decorating the tree either on Stardoll or real life, so no cleaning and re-doing my rooms. Of course, there are some items perfect for each season, and as the collection is not limited, you have a plenty of time to decide what to buy, maybe wait for another sale?

That was it in winter week on Stardoll. But seriously, I am tired of winter, can we have spring now? Must be patient... Anyway, for the next week, I am hoping for a new Young Hollywood collection inspired by People's Choice Awards red carper outfits, and of course, we are expecting new Callie's Picks, and having fingers crossed for some really beautiful stuff. What else? Hm, Converses! I hope they finally get added to stardesign. 

So vote, comment, and see you next week!

~ Venus
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