"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #97

Hello everyone, for the 1st time this year!

First of all, I want to wish you a Happy New year. I wish you lots of love, health, happiness, lots of fun, but also lots of stardollars, rares, friends, and for all of your dreams to come true (well, only the good ones, obviously). And for me, I wish to keep entertaining you with my weekly recaps, one of them starts right now.

The week started with another Tribute release - Dolce & Gabbana this time.

My opinion is divided on this collection. There are some really gorgeous pieces, and some I'd never wear in my virtual life. That dress on the front page is a definitely a must buy for collectors, or any members who love D&G. My opinion, of course, you have a right to disagree. I am really trying to find a beauty in each piece, but for some it just doesn't work. We have a male outfit, nice one, Stardoll. The background is fantastic as well, I wish just it didn't have that sign in the top middle, so I could use it as a regular forest room.

On Tuesday, Stardoll announced a huge sale in starplaza.

It is true that we all love sales. I mean, it is a great opportunity to buy stuff you like and save some stardollars as well. But this one wasn't much appealing to me, for several reasons. 1st, and I know many will hate me for it, but didn't we already have a sale like a month ago? Didn't you already spend all your stardollars? Another, there are Tribute stores in starplaza that won't stay there forever, and I'd rather spend my stardollars on those rather than random stuff. And 3rd, a glitch, which made some members pay a full price for items that were supposed to be on sale! Rant over, moving on.

On Wednesday, guess what - Callie's Picks that is!

Named "New Years with Callie", it was a perfect last minute opportunity for members who didn't chose their Stardoll holiday outfits yet. A variety of cocktail dresses, variety of colors, shapes, patterns, textures, some nice shoes and other accessories. Though I am not much impressed with the choice of dresses, I am glad none of rares I own re-appeared here. I love the cute little red dress, and there are also nice LBD's and black & gold dresses. There are also some items previously sold in starcoins re-released as stardollar items, for example, pink and silver clutch, which I literally bought for 2 starcoins a day before. So my advice is, check before you cash out and buy stuff you find nice and wearable.

As some members guessed, we got a new collection in Rio store - a 'regular' collection in 'regular' store.

There are some cute dresses, some not so nice, but a good opportunity for people who don't want to pay high prices just to have real brand inspired clothes. There are short dresses as well, some cute starcoin items, nice coats.. I just do not feel inspired writing about regular stores, as their collections stay like a really long time so I usually wait for a sale to buy stuff I like, if there is any, of course. I gotta admit, I prefer real brands, maybe just because of the brand, but I don't have a problem spending some extra stardollars on valuable stuff.

And on Friday, we got a quite interesting offer from Stardoll. Just take a look:

The purse is gorgeous, and the puppy is adorable. And you can get them just by spending at least 100 stardollars in starplaza. I know it may be a lot of for some members, and not so much for richer members. But I think this offer is definitely appealing. Since Zuhair Murad Tribute store is leaving the starplaza, great chance to buy stuff you want and still get a cute gift. I had some stuff laying on my wishlist for a while, so I decided to buy some. Interesting thing, all cost me exactly 100 stardollars. I am hoping for more offers like this from Stardoll. 

That's it from me. I hope you had a nice week. Vote, comment, and see you next one

~ Venus
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