"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #100

Hello everyone!!

See that number in the title, next to a hash tag? Yeah, you read it right, it is 100! My 100th post on this fantastic blog!! I swear it feels like yesterday the owner sent me friend request telling me my column was chosen. But boy, I did not imagine I would reach 100 posts. For 99 weeks, each Sunday, I'd entertain you with my views on Stardoll releases, updates and other news. And even sometimes I was tired, sad, bored, nervous, I still did manage to do my posts on time. I want to thank everyone for the huge support I was getting, so many people commenting on my posts. This is truly a dream 'job'.
Sorry for a bit long intro, I am now moving to an actual recap.

The week started with yet another weekly release. Super Supreme this time.

Another limited release? Seriously, Stardoll, we are not made of money! Not that many matter though, as the store doesn't seem to be that popular. People just refuse to pay that much for weird interior stuff. I guess. Maybe because that the collection is still not sold out. There are some cute items, I got 3, not to resell, but just wanted to have some pieces, and I may use some in my themed rooms. It is inspired by celebrities like the previous one, except they look more like plants and not much like celebrities.

On Wednesday, we got new clothing collection in Millionaire Mansion store.

I believe there is not much to say about the collection. Some cute pieces, some easy to mix and match, some a bit more difficult. My favorites from the collection are definitely the shoes. And that cute dress with white top part and flower pattern on the bottom. Some really nice starcoin items too.

On Thursday, Stardoll announced that the Chanel Tribute was leaving the plaza, well, today.

I think it is nice that Stardoll gives us heads up on when the store is leaving, so that people can get some stardollars, and not risk store leaving the plaza too soon. And call me  a weirdo, but I did not like not a single piece from the collection. I mean, I know they are Chanel, but I'd rather save my stardollars for LE, which will hopefully come soon, before my ss membership ends. (Actually, now I am considering taking another glimpse at the store before it is too late.)

The same day, Stardoll announced February HotBuys.

There are some cute items, but I will be not rushing with my choices, as items from January HotBuys did not impress me that much, even they looked nice in spoilers. That white ruffle dress seems really gorgeous, other items are just ok. But like I said, I will wait and try on the actual items before deciding to buy or not.

And on Friday, we got new Opulence interior collection. (Honestly, I was expecting new LE.)

The theme of a collection is pretty obvious - yeah, it is gold. Yeah, they are nice items, something that some very rich people in real life would buy. It gives an impression of luxury, and it may be a great inspiration to decorate a room or 2 with that theme.

That's it for the 100th week here. Thank you, everyone, for the continued support, I love you all!

Lots of love,
~ Venus
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