Glitch - Free items

Hi  guys, how are you all? 
Hope you have enjoyed the celebration for the New Year with your loved ones!!

As many of you already saw there is a glitch at new Items section on front page, suite shop and also at catalog at Starplaza with many free items (items that we used to have on sceneries, not for sale, so if you are interested it is time to get them) and also an old freebie from Powder Girl

I put the items that are appearing at my picture on a link so it is easy to get them fast.
Click HERE to receive all of them in your dressing room

To get the TV from Powder Girl, just go to Starplaza catalog and it is on the bottom of the NEW items, ok?

Also at catalog you can get a pink doree "TEST_DOREE_HAIRCOLOR" for 6 stardollars (5sd if you are royalty)

NOTE: As it is a glitch, I don´t know if Stardoll will let us to stay with the items or not as they were not supposed to be sellable, but as they are 0 starcoins, we can at least try, right?

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to HTGFThe Sad Queen ಠ_ಥ, jubies1, 0xbritzx0 

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