"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #96

Hello everyone!!

Ugh, another cold winter day. (At least for us on Northern hemisphere, for others - lucky you!) At least it is a holidays season, I hope you had/will have a nice Christmas. Now grab a cup of warm coffee, cocoa, or hot chocolate, turn on some Christmas music in a background, (if you wish, of course, it is just a suggestion.) and check out this recap.

The week started with 2nd Tribute store release for this Tributes season (finally!), and even better news - we got a Chanel Tribute!!

Prices range between 15 and 42 stardollars, which is a lot, but usual. Surprisingly, there are no superstar/royalty only items. The collection is gorgeous, full with unusual pieces, attractive patterns and shapes. Yeah, lots of interesting items, and Chanel is a mus buy for a real collector. I will, of course, wait for the last days to decide whether to buy anything. Even the items look nice on a first look, they may seem a bit hard to combine. Yeah, I know that many will be able to make perfect outfits with the given items, but not me. 

The same day, Stardoll announced January HotBuys, take a look at them bellow:

To be honest, I am not impressed. No offense. I love some pieces, like that sweater, skirt and a coat. Hoping for affordable prices. I rarely buy hotbuy items, unless I really like them, I'd rather spend my money on limited stuff. Also, both pairs of shoes look just weird, and the dresses on the dolls are, well, weird too. 

On Wednesday, as the previous year, we got new Tress Up Holiday collection.

Most of the hairstyles are truly gorgeous. Pricey as well. Is it just me, or the prices in Tress Up are going up with each release? Some superstar only hairstyles, of course. Some are inspired by stardesign hair created by Stardoll users. I wish though Stardoll would give some kind of recognition to the original designer, like 'inspired by *username*', but as someone pointed out in membership terms, Stardoll has right to "use, copy, present, reproduce, display, edit, integrate, license as well as distribute that material which you have created". Which is nothing unusual for a game like this. The designers should be at least happy that Stardoll liked their design and decided it to include in stores, and for buyers, well, they are getting hairstyle for much lower price, with the ability to recolor them.

On Friday, we got a new addition to PopShop store -  New Year themed, of course.

Again, some items are worth investing in, like the bed, carpet, or a table, that can be used in different occasions. On the other hand, fireworks and a ball with 2015 written on them is not something you could use for long time. So if you have some extra stardollars, go ahead, do some last minute New Year shopping, or save your hard earned stardollars for new Tribute stores, as I plan to.

The same day, we got this fantastic offer by Stardoll:

If you bought/will buy stardollars this weekend, you'd get extra 25% stardollars. Stardoll knows we need those gold coins, and know many wouldn't miss this quite decent offer. For people who buy stardollars regularly, this is great deal. For people who top up occasionally, this is a nice incentive and may influence them to make a purchase. For others, just try selling some stuff, but good luck, since most people will probably be spending their gold coins on new stores instead of old stuff. 

Overall, and okay week. Since my next post will be next year, I want to wish you to spend your New Year's Eve nicely, whether with your closest friends, at a party, or at home with family, watching movies and eating snacks. I wish you all the best, and a lot of fun. So vote, comment, and see you next year.

~ Venus
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