"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #95

Hello, readers!!

First of all, so sorry for a late post. I don't wanna bother you with reasons, so I'm just start my weekly recap now.

First release of the week was new Callie's Picks collection, Christmas themed.

Items are nice, in right colors for holidays, although many of the can be worn in other occasions and seasons. There are a few hotbuys, one of them being the dress on the top right, which I remember paying above 250sd for it. I try not to get upset about re-releases, as it has become quite common thing for Stardoll. Weird thing is that some of the items in CP also exists in starplaza, often priced lower and/or in starcoins, so think before you buy. Some cute items, but overall, nothing special.

On Thursday (I guess, correct me if I'm wrong), Stardoll surprised us with a  new gift-o-meter.

Okay, here are some pros and cons about this offer.
+ It takes only 200sd to fill the meter
+ Buying broadcasts also adds up to your spent money, which is great for people like me who broadcast a lot
+ Gifts are overall nice
+ You have time to fill it until January the 2nd, next year of course
- No starcoin meter
- Some gifts are just not so attractive
- 200sd can be a lot for some members, as that is average sd you get for buying a month of membership
My favorites are skirts, and a black dress. What about yours?

And on Friday, a really great release for people on Stardoll who like do design their suites - DIY interior shop.

Even I am not an interior designer on Stardoll, the collections looks really fantastic! You can now buy various shapes of windows, floor, and even chose a different view from a variety of offered ones. I remember once saying I'd love to get some DIY interior instead of 'ordinary' stuff. I guess Stardoll finally listened.

That's it for a week. Yeah, I know, not much, but get ready for new upcoming releases (Chanel Tribute), and new stardesign templates (Converses!!), and who knows what else? So vote, comment, and have a nice week. See you, of course.

~ Venus
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